See a person clearly, no need to test, no need to guess, as long as.

See a person clearly, no need to test, no need to guess, as long as.

The rest of your life is precious, and your heart should be left to the one who deserves it most.

the sea of life, in this world, we will meet all kinds of people.

some people illuminate your way forward, some people erase the dust from your heart, while others give you eternal pain in this life.

there are thousands of people in the world, and the hearts of the people are unfathomable, true or false, false or false, and we cannot easily make a judgment.

as a result, there is temptation, speculation, suspicion and mistrust.

but in fact, if you want to see a person clearly, you don't have to try and guess too much, just look at these four things.

attitude when angry

some people say that when a person is angry, it is easiest to see his character.

if you think about it, it is true.

after all, a person is often unable to disguise when he is angry.

some inappropriate emotions, thoughts, and even behaviors will vent out along with their temper.

so, if you want to see a person clearly, you might as well look at his attitude in the face of anger.

A while ago, I saw a piece of news:

at the entrance of a highway in Yantai, Shandong Province, a pregnant woman stood in the emergency driveway, somewhat at a loss.

the traffic police came forward to inquire and learned that she and her husband were quarreling in the car, and her husband left her on the highway in anger and drove away alone.

under the video, many netizens left messages:

being pregnant is like this, and it's not even worse.

when the wife is pregnant, the husband can treat him like this, but he doesn't know what to do.

it's really too much. I can't leave my pregnant wife on the highway anymore. What a man.

it is inevitable that there will be stumbles between husband and wife, and quarrels and cold wars are common.

We always say that anger can best expose a person's nature.

because a person's mood hides his true appearance, including character, demeanor and upbringing.

the bitterness, selfishness and calculation you show when you are angry may not be because emotion triumphs over reason, but may be a person's true heart.

and the real character can stand the test of anger.

it is not that they are not angry, but even if they are angry, they can control their emotions and temper.

such people are also worthy of our respect and deep acquaintance.

attitude towards conflicts of interest

I have heard a saying: "to judge whether a person is sincere or not, you can tell by his performance in a conflict of interest with you."

interest is the touchstone of human nature.

whether a person is worth interacting or not depends on what kind of choice he makes when he has a conflict of interest with you.

you will find that no matter how deep the feelings are in front of the interests, they may disappear.

and the end result is that relatives become enemies and friends become passers-by.

Granny Jiang wants to sell an old house in order to see her wife.

but this old house is a three-story house shared with two nephews, and she only occupies the second floor.

when Grandma Jiang went to ask her two nephews for advice, on the surface they promised to sell the house, but behind their back they obstructed it.

not only put forward all kinds of strange conditions, such as: "if we help you bask in the sun, we should give you 5% more money."

even deliberately delayed the sale of the house, the eldest nephew hid in the hospital pretending to be sick, but refused to sign.

according to the idea of the two nephews, when the childless old couple passed away, the house would naturally become theirs.

so, they won't and can't really agree to sell the house.

but unfortunately, their little plan did not succeed.

after her wife died of worsening illness, Granny Jiang donated that part of her real estate to the state, completely cutting off the greed of her two nephews.

you see, in the face of interests, many relationships are actually fragile.

No wonder some people say that interests are like a demon mirror, making many people reveal their true colors in front of it.

because people's attitude when they have conflicts of interest with others is a true reflection of character.

people who are genuinely nice to you will not care about the amount of interests, the amount of money or the amount of money.

on the other hand, people who are shrewd in calculation care about everything and want to take all the money for themselves.

sometimes, it is not time but interests that can reveal human nature.

the attitude in the face of interests confirms a person's character and penetrates a person's heart.

attitude towards the weak

Professor Li Meijin, a parenting expert, shared a story:

once, while she was washing clothes, a rural woman burst in with a basket of eggs in her hand.

at that time, the only way for many rural families to make a little money and improve their poor life was to sell their eggs and crops.

Li Meijin, who was washing clothes, was startled by the stranger who suddenly broke in.

she roared at once, pointing at thatA rural woman said, "who let you in? get out of here."

at this time, Li Meijin's father spoke, and he said:

"Mei Jin, you mustn't be so rude to others.

it's not easy for them to live. You don't have to buy other people's eggs, but you should talk to them well. "

later, Li Meijin's father specifically discussed the matter with her and said something like this:

"in life, if a person's status is lower than you, their situation is not as good as yours, such a person should be treated well."

and this has also become the family motto of their family, which is used to educate children from generation to generation.

see a sentence on the Internet:

"A truly educated person is by no means a person without a temper, but will not vent his temper on a person who is weaker than himself.

and a person's attitude towards the weak is often his truest reaction to the world. "

because a person's low-key and modest posture may be disguised when facing people with higher status than him.

but in the face of people with lower status than him, he often takes off his camouflage and reveals his true nature.

but in fact, real education is rooted in inner self-cultivation and is not transferred by human identity and status.

that is to say, no matter your status is high or low, they will treat you in the same manner.

therefore, if you want to see clearly a person's character and upbringing, you can see his attitude towards the weak.

attitude towards family

writer Zhang Defen once said:

"the more you save face, the more you like to please outsiders and gain recognition, the worse it is to those who are close to you."

because the energy is used outside, we have to relax in front of our loved ones and show our negativity and impatience thoroughly. "

in real life, there are a lot of such people.

they are friendly and polite in front of outsiders, but they are furious and say bad words to each other in front of their families.

this is because outsiders will not spoil us, so they dare not and will not reveal their bad temper.

but the family is different.

whether it is tied by blood or marriage, even if you lose your temper, your family will not leave easily.

because he is fearless, he is unscrupulous.

and our attitude towards our families reflects not only our true character and upbringing, but also who we are.

as a saying on the Internet goes: the attitude towards your family is a person's most authentic character.

you should know that being kind to outsiders and being angry with your relatives is not a kind of wisdom, but one of the stupidity of human nature.

A truly high EQ and educated person is not only kind to outsiders, but also kind to his family.

just imagine, how can a person who is full of impatience with his family, always cynical, and often loses his temper can get the respect and trust of others?

and a person who has a gentle attitude towards his family and communicates and shares interesting things calmly, talking and laughing, believes that his character will not be too bad.

as the saying goes, people are afraid of going the wrong way and are afraid of giving it to the wrong person.

but not everyone needs to go through a painful understanding before they realize who is worthy of true treatment.

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it is not difficult to see a person clearly.

looking at his attitude when he is angry, a person who can control his temper when he is angry can often control his own life.

looking at his attitude when he is in conflict of interest, a person who can stand the test of money is naturally a person worth communicating with and working with.

look at his attitude towards the weak, not taking himself seriously and respecting everyone, his heart must be tolerant and humble enough;

look at his attitude towards his family and leave his good temper and good mood to his family. Such a person's character and upbringing will not be too bad.

the rest of your life is precious. Leave your heart to the one who deserves it the most.

, may you be able to see a person clearly, and may every affection not be disappointed.