Read the good of others and fix your own heart.

Read the good of others and fix your own heart.

If you give life leisure, life can give you scenery.

Zhuang Zi Yun said: "the empty room gives birth to white, and the auspicious end."

means that only an empty room will look bright, there are no sundries inside, and good luck will come.

just like a person, sometimes you need to calm down and let go of yourself, so that your heart will become clear and you can see what is missing in your life.

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emptiness is not only a kind of wisdom of life, but also a normal state of life.

emptying desire

Su Shi said: "A gentleman can imply things, but not pay attention to things."

sometimes having too many things will only add to your troubles and make you out of breath.

buy clothes, bags and shoes by jin; travel and stay in hotels for more than 3000 nights;

if you want to learn yoga, you directly spend more than NT $20,000 to sign up for a class; if you want to learn how to dive, you fly to Southeast Asia and spend more than NT $10,000 on textual research.

there are all kinds of unused fitness cards and massage cards at home....

but material wealth did not make her happy. Looking at the room stacked like a warehouse, she felt empty instead.

this made her begin to reflect on her indiscriminate spending behavior.

until she experienced a moving divorce, she completely fell in love with this way of life.

she bought an 88-square-meter house in Shijiazhuang and threw away what she could when she moved, leaving only the necessities of life.

the dining tables, chairs and dressing mirrors placed against the wall were made of wood by Qiao San himself.

there are only a few sets of everyday clothes left in the wardrobe, so you don't have to bother to choose any more.

she used to eat whatever she wanted, never considering the price, but now she keeps cooking every day, which is both nutritious and healthy.

after reducing her material desires, she felt extremely relaxed, her life became easier, and she had more time to read books, practice yoga and do housework.

there is a sentence in the Moon and sixpence:

"remember that in the mediocre material life, there is a more charming spiritual world."

A person's wealth does not lie in the amount of material things, but in the peace of mind.

empty your desires, clear your mind, and when you screen out the unimportant parts of your life, what's left is the best.

if life is simple, you will be happy; if the heart is simple, you will be satisfied.

living a fresh and clean life is a person's highest spiritual practice.

empty achievements

extremely simple Force says: "if you clean up your cache and return yourself to zero at the right time, you will constantly pursue excellence and win new achievements after returning to zero."

the best thing about a person is not how much he has achieved, but how to return to zero at the right time.

Matsuura Mitaro is a famous master of life aesthetics. by the age of 40, he was already a household name writer with many die-hard fans and ran his own bookstore.

many people of his age cannot achieve such a high achievement, but he is not content with the status quo.

at the age of 41, Life Post, a veteran Japanese magazine facing closure, invited him to be its editor.

for him who has never been to work, this is a new field and a great challenge.

but Matsuura Mitaro did not flinch, but chose to take this challenging job.

people who are good at zeroing are never afraid of taking risks. Only by constantly learning new things can they grow.

in the end, he succeeded in turning the magazine into a living guide that sold millions of copies.

when you reach middle age, most people will choose to live a stable life, and only a few will dare to return to zero.

obviously, Matsuura Mitaro is the latter.

when the "Life Post" is on the right track, he opens up a new challenge.

although he can't cook, he finally turned basic Life into one of the most influential websites in Japan with his own ability.

there is a saying: "Life is like tea, empty cup."

the tea in the cup can only be tasted by emptying.

people are like a cup, often with an "empty cup mentality" to face life, in order to absorb new nutrients, the cup of life can be refilled.

to empty your achievements is not only to let go of the attitude of the past, but also to welcome the future.

Let bygones be bygones, return to zero at the right time, and learn to "leave a blank" for your future life.

venting age

Xu Yuanchong once said in the Reader:

"Life is not how many days you live, but how many days you remember so that every day you live is worth remembering."

No one can be young forever, but they can do what they want at any age.

Miao Xiaohong, an 82-year-old grandmother from Shandong, rose to the sky again after 30 years, and netizens affectionately called her "hard core grandma".

Miao Xiaohong is the second batch of pilots in China, with more than 30 years of flying experience. Although she has retired for many years, her love for pilots has never diminished.

with the encouragement of her wife, Miao Xiaohong also wrote many stories about female pilots and published several books.

in the course of her creation, she learned that many foreign pilots were still able to fly at the age of 80 or 90, which shocked her and inspired her.

"Old foreign pilots can fly, why can't old Chinese pilots fly?"

Miao Xiaohong MengCame up with the idea of flying again.

in order to return to the blue sky, although her body is not as good as before, she still keeps on exercising, walking 3,000 steps a day, and at the same time moving her arms to make long-term physical and psychological adjustments to meet the requirements of flying at high altitude.

she said: "I can still fly at 82, you young people can fly better, and you can fly better than me."

A person who really loves will never set himself a limit because of his age.

Zhou Guoping once said: "of all the responsibilities in the world, the most fundamental responsibility is to be responsible for your own life, really become yourself, and live out your unique personality and values."

the first thing that ages in life is not the face, but the courage to forge ahead.

what we want to do is not age, but how we face it.

years are ruthless. Only by emptying age can we live freely and easily and live out of ourselves.

there is a Zen theory in the Buddhist sutras: "everything is empty, there is a wonderful vacuum".

emptiness is not nothing, it is the premise and possibility, it is the initial karma.

many people insist on getting, but forget that the human heart is limited, blindly pursue filling, irregular cleaning, and will only be overwhelmed in the end.

emptying is a short break in a busy life and an important source of nourishment.

only by emptying desire and simplifying complexity can we find peace of mind.

empty your achievements and travel light in order to go farther and farther.

emptying the age, not afraid of the years, in order to experience the different wonderful.

the road of life is long, you need to stop once in a while and empty yourself properly in order to give your soul a little comfort.

if you give life leisure, life can give you scenery.