Qualified tears.

Qualified tears.

Taste it.

the purpose of writing this article today is not only to talk to you about the smell of qualified tears, but also to share with you the journey of this perfume from scratch.

it is hoped that when dealing with negative emotions, people do not have to escape or reject them. Here is a real place that allows you to be sad.

based on these thoughts, we first designed the name of this perfume, qualified tears, Qualified tears.


the first train of thought is to make a healing flavor, through perfume, to comfort everyone's deep heart. Let each other feel the spring breeze on their faces, and the future can be expected.

Healing is equivalent to default, and the tears before are due to cracks in the heart. But in fact, no, the real rift comes from the shackles and treatment of people.

then I changed my mind, so I might as well make the taste of happiness . At any time, we should have the hope and courage to make our lives better. It's a good match. As a result, the approximate direction of qualified tears is determined.

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to combination , which tone combination can make you feel both happy and powerful? to the addition or deletion of certain details and the extent of clipping , this taste is too sweet at present, would you like to reduce the sweetness a little bit? This flower smells too much. Let's make it a little less. I want to weaken that wood texture a little bit. And so on

top key: White lemon apricot clove

back key: leather musk cedar

but choose cloves, sweet-scented osmanthus and apricot and other elements as the main fragrance, because these flowers are very homely. In many cases, the quieter the chords are, the more touching they are.

most of the time, the inability to vent our true emotions is not because we are weak, but because we think others think we are weak. The most paradoxical thing is that we are likely to cater to expectations, even if they are derogatory.

finish the aroma part (it's far from that simple). The next step is design. Unfortunately, this part also took 2 months.

later found a little naive. First of all, if the perfume bottle doesn't have a very retro feel, it would be strange to hang Yushi.

bottle, we also spent a lot of time looking for it, and finally found one that seemed to work, and made a lot of design changes, such as:

result! It was knocked down again by the ultra-high 10,000 or 20,000 orders .

choose portable. It can be regarded as a kind of guardian to be by your side at any time. As a simplified version of the scheme, it was quickly adopted within us.

then comes the specific design of perfume bottles and packaging.

qualified tears, very qualified tears.

finally, I condensed the cluttered blue into water droplets, which is like this:


I believe that even if you look at this process, you will find that making a perfume or a perfume to your satisfaction is not easy. Especially like the beast, under the limited resources and energy scheduling, it is inevitable that many compromises and concessions have been made in this process.

so, if you want to say, am I satisfied with this perfume? I am satisfied that I have made this perfume without going against myself. But not so satisfied, because we could have had a better plan.