Please be a happy fool for the rest of your life

Please be a happy fool for the rest of your life

Only when you are content can you reap happiness.

years do not forgive people, life passes in a hurry, do not dwell on the past, do not live in pain, do not worry about others, learn to let go, learn to let go, contentment, and let yourself live happily.

remember, it is not easy for people to live. Don't let the past be bad and the trivialities of life stand in the way of your happiness.

some people you don't care about, they can't hurt you, and if you don't pay attention to some things, they won't bother you.

one day is less than one day. Life is so short. Only by living happily can you live up to this life and yourself.

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there is a kind of tiredness called thinking too much

Professor Chen Guo of Fudan has a comment:

if a person in his most frustrated time, the most down and out time, but also to maintain an open-minded, a self-cultivation, a demeanor, that is the true skill of self-cultivation.

people living in the world, no matter life is painful or happy, should be calm, do not complain, do not think too much.

none of us can predict the future or control the arrangement of fate. learn to accept the things that cannot be changed, remember the good things, forget the troubles, and don't worry too much.

when trials and tribulations occur, what we can do is not to complain, sigh and complain, but to be positive and optimistic, overcome difficulties and live our lives.

the more you think about it, the more tired you are, the more you are entangled, and the more you worry.

thinking about innocuous little things has become an impassable event. Troubles occur every day, but if you don't pick them up, you will never find them. Why bother yourself?

some things have become a foregone conclusion, it is useless for you to think too much, some people do not belong to you, it is useless for you to stay.

when the heart is small, the burden is heavy; when the heart is big, there is more happiness. Don't always think too much, what should come will come, and those who should leave will leave.

be an open-minded, broad-minded and calm person, do not worry too much, do not embarrass others, but also let go of yourself.

A good mood starts from letting go of the past

A psychologist gives a stress management lesson to students.

she held up a glass of water, smiled and asked, "how heavy is this glass of water?"

there are all kinds of answers.

psychologist goes on to say:

"in this case, weight is not that important, it really depends on how long you hold the glass of water.

if you hold it for a minute, that's fine.

if you hold it for an hour, your arm will be fine, but if you hold it for a day, your arm will be numb.

in these cases, the weight of the glass of water remains the same, but the longer you hold it, the heavier it will feel. "

the bad past is like that glass of water, think for a while, nothing happens. If you think about it longer, you will get hurt.

if you think about the bad past all day, you will get more and more tired, be pessimistic, and eventually lose your happiness.

while people are alive, if you want to have a good mood, you must learn to let go of the past and learn to let go.

in this world, no one's life is not perfect, and no one's life is satisfactory.

sometimes, if we can't change, we have to learn to let go; sometimes, we have to let go of what we can't go back to.

when you decide, don't get tangled up, don't let yourself get too tired; when you let it go, let it go in time and decisively, and don't be in a bad mood.

the rest of your life is not long. Don't let trifles delay you too much time. Don't let the bad things of the past delay the happiness of the present.

be content and be a happy fool

I remember reading a story.

there is a couple who lead a miserable life and quarrel over trivial matters every day.

Women hate that men are incompetent and earn too little money, while men dislike women for nagging too much.

Women become more and more bitter when they quarrel every day, while the hard-working man is dusty every day.

in fact, their lives are also passable, so that food and clothing will not be a problem, but they do not know how to be contented and always keep up with others, making their lives more and more unfortunate.

people who are content tend to be happy, while those who are tolerant tend to live a more comfortable life.

in fact, most of the factors that we feel unhappy come from the fact that our hearts are not satisfied.

as the saying goes: those who are contented will be happy when they are poor and humble; those who are not satisfied will also worry about wealth.

learn to be contented, put aside those worldly troubles, put aside those fame and power, learn to be content, harvest peaceful emotions, harvest philosophical attitude, harvest happy yourself.

Happiness depends on the accumulation of little by little, and a good life requires hard work day by day.

Don't always feel unhappy, don't always feel imperfect, who will always be the lucky one in this world? And whose life will always be a moment of highlights?

when people live, only when they are content can they reap happiness.

everyone's happiness is different, do not envy, do not compare, often have a heart of contentment, calmly face the gains and losses, calmly accept the ups and downs of life, do not think much, do not complain, be a happy fool.