People who skipped classes at that time seem to be "doing well" now.

People who skipped classes at that time seem to be "doing well" now.

It makes sense to work hard to recognize the track as early as possible.

when asked, it turned out that her "final anxiety" did not disappear with the end of the semester, but became more intense.

I can understand her situation. After all, for her, "full attendance" is linked to "grades".

but there is something that surprises me.

contrary to my cousin high achiever, who grew up and was admitted to a heavy university with high marks, in my first year of college, like most people at school, I was immersed in all kinds of community activities and relationships. I learned to skip classes and learn to climb over the wall.

at that time, as usual, my friend and I only took our cell phone and sat in the last row of the classroom.

my friend pushed off the enemy crystal and suddenly turned to me on the screen and asked me:

I was surprised because my friend just won the class championship last week, and he thought what he was doing was "meaningless".

at that time, I really didn't think about it, so I just shook my head.

"so, what are you going to do when you graduate? Take a resume with only school club activities that have nothing to do with the job, and ask the interviewer, 'can I learn with zero experience?' "

later I found out that when my friend said "meaningless", he was not denying the importance of learning, but reflecting on our decadent status quo.

it was this very short conversation that pulled me out of my seemingly busy college life.

rummaged through the recruitment software for several days, and finally found a startup company that was willing to give me an online internship.

because at that time, I soberly realized that when I was a junior, I happened to be free and went to a class I hardly attended.

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in retrospect, most of the people who skipped that class at that time are now living a "pretty good" life--

and rats who are determined to start a business and become rich, have studied with their predecessors for two years, and now they have opened a popular cat coffee in Shenzhen.

koala just said something that resonated with me:

like my cousin at Zhongbu University, she knew very well that she wanted scholarships and postgraduate admission letters.

and the students who skipped classes at that time were like me, although they didn't know what their future road would be.

that's why they used the time and energy they got to find other tracks.