People who mature late are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

People who mature late are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

Late maturity is the most worthy of our deep acquaintance.

Mo Yan said: "people with good natures mature late."

in life, we often find that people with good natures seem naive and completely ignorant of the sinister intentions of others.

they often treat the people around them with a sincere heart, and even if they are taken advantage of, they often choose to "forget it".

in their view, "there are all good people in front of them."

others weigh the pros and cons, and late-maturing people are "sincere"

as the saying goes, "people die for wealth, birds die for food."

it seems to be an innate instinct for a person to weigh the pros and cons in order to protect his own interests.

some people even abandon principles and feelings in order to safeguard their interests.

to many people, this seems to be taken for granted.

however, for late-maturing people, this is not the case.

they don't seem to know the importance of interests, and they are not very good at weighing the pros and cons.

their innate instinct seems to be to interact with others with a sincere heart.

but they pay sincerely again and again, in return, it is often not the sincerity of others, but the "careful" of others.

so they began to doubt themselves and the world.

they wonder if they are different.

Why is it that everyone is like this, but they are "out of place"?

what should the world look like?

should we each compete for profits, or should we treat others with sincerity?

they began to wonder and began to think. However, in the end, they strengthened their belief:

even if the people around them are mercenary, they should guard the pure land in their hearts.

when they mature late, they are not stupid, but they have more important things to protect.

other people are exhausted, and those who mature late are "enlightened"

some people say, "if there is no skill in youdao, you can still seek it. If there is no way, it ends with skill."

I think so.

now the Internet is full of tricks, Gui Guzi theory, to teach people how to play tricks.

this is the last word.

what is Ben? Tao is Ben, and virtue is Ben.

what is the end? Skill is the end, mental skill is the end.

as the saying goes, "the machine is too clever, but it misses Qing Qing's life."

if a person loses the "Tao" and the basic principle of being a human being, then the better his "skill" is, the worse his fate will be.

so, can't you learn art?

can learn.

but before learning, we must first lay the foundation of "Tao" and must first have a foundation.

only if you first strengthen the basic conduct of life and use "skill" within the rules, you will not let "skill" hurt yourself.

the villain has no principle of being a man and tries his best to pursue interests. In the end, he is exhausted and comes to a dead end.

people who mature late, although they often suffer some losses, they still abide by their hearts.

after a long time, their souls are enlightened and know the art, but they don't know how to use it easily.

late ripening people know the world but not the world

We will find that although some people have experienced vicissitudes, they are still "naive".

Mencius said, "A great man does not lose his pure heart."

that is to say: great people are often those who have not lost their innocence.

many people have misunderstandings about maturity.

in their view, the so-called maturity is to put interests first and oneself first.

is this mature?

No, this is the result of compromise to life and betrays one's own heart.

A truly mature person must "know the world but not the world".

they have seen the greed and selfishness of human nature, but they are still willing to stick to their beliefs and have the courage to protect their "pure hearts".

Lu Xun said: "A real warrior dares to face the bleak life."

in my opinion, those who "know the world but not the world" are really fierce men.

in the face of the difficulties of life, they do not choose to be in cahoots, but choose to maintain their "nobility of soul".

the Analects of Confucius says: "Virtue is not alone, there must be neighbors."

late-maturing people, even if they can't find the same kind for the time being, sooner or later, they will inevitably have friends coming from afar and speak freely with them.

those who mature late are the ones who deserve our deep acquaintance.

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if you encounter it, cherish it.