People live to the extreme: treat others cleanly, treat yourself cleanly

People live to the extreme: treat others cleanly, treat yourself cleanly

People who can spend their lives cleanly are worthy of admiration.

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have read a sentence:

"Life is like a large dye vat, whether you have bright colors or pure white, this muddy environment never gives you a chance to keep your true color, you must always dye it actively or passively, otherwise, it will be out of place with this society."

the world is colorful, and people crawl in this big dye vat and inevitably get different colors.

but the most rare thing in life is that after going through the vicissitudes of life, it still comes out of the mud without being stained.

as the writer Gu Cheng wrote: "A person should live as himself and live cleanly."

Clean is the best background for a person to walk in the world.

Clean treatment

have read such a sentence:

"people who are really cultured are in a high place but not sophisticated, prosperous but not utilitarian.


this sentence is most appropriate for Mr. Ji Xianlin.

Ji Xianlin's life is full of glory and brilliance, and is known as "the best man in the academic circle".

but his evaluation of himself is only understated in six words: I am just an ordinary person.

the story of Ji Xianlin's relationship with Wei Linhai, a "dung digger", has been talked about by people so far.

Wei Linhai got a job in sanitation when he was young, cleaning streets and toilets, and became a veritable "dung digger".

in his spare time, he likes to look for books everywhere and often "sneaks into" Peking University to listen to lectures, especially admiring Mr. Ji Xianlin.

once, with several calligraphy and painting lovers, he organized an exhibition of calligraphy and painting and wanted to invite celebrities to write inscriptions.

in a fit of anger, he directly came to the door and asked Mr. Ji for help.

when Old Ji knew his identity and purpose, he readily wrote inscriptions for the calligraphy and painting exhibition and presented the fragrance of plum blossoms to Wei Linhai as a souvenir in a new collection of essays entitled "the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the cold winter."

Wei Linhai was flattered and grateful, and the two have formed a fate ever since.

every year after that, New Year's Eve and Wei Linhai would go to Ji's home to pay New year's greetings.

always warmly invited him into the room and served him hot tea.

many years later, Wei Linhai mentioned in his article that Old Ji talked to him about learning, saying that he had no airs at all when he talked to him about being a man and recalling the past.

in the world of worship and trampling on the low, the highest state of treating people is to treat others cleanly, to treat them equally, to have no utilitarianism, and to communicate without purpose.

like Franklin's famous saying:

"in the relationship between people, nothing is more important to the happiness of life than truth and sincerity.


take care of yourself

Yi Shu once sighed: "people, between prosperity and loneliness, are influenced by all kinds of opportunities, so it is difficult to choose one thing for the rest of their lives."

however, if the heart is pure, there is no fear of trouble.

have heard such a story.

the husband thinks that there are too few chairs, so he suggests adding a few chairs to prevent guests from having no place to sit.

Madame Curie said, "what if the chatty guests don't leave as soon as they sit down?"

the Curies do not like to socialize all their lives and spend their limited time on fulfilling their own and loving careers.

remember that Feng Tang's mother once warned him:

"to have a good life, you must first achieve worldly success.

but if you want to live a good life, you must be free from vulgarity after all.


people who live thoroughly tend to be secular rather than secular.

in the 1980s and 1990s, Chen Peisi, the "sketch king", was absolutely at the top.

in an era when everyone is scrambling to win awards, Chen Peisi doesn't care. His works have never been reviewed and have never won any national awards.

but his achievements are commented by the audience.

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he left 11 sketches on the party stage, which became the symbol and memory of an era.

his debut film "stooge", which toured 40 cities across the country, was hard to get a ticket.

so far, none of his starring works has scored less than 7 on the harsh Douban.

however, he chose to get out at the peak, away from complex relationships and Vanity Fair, to feel happiness and freedom.

Chen Peisi and his wife contracted ten thousand mu of barren mountains in the village, building their own farmhouses brick by brick.

he said that this is the life he really yearns for.

Let the apricot blossoms float down in the mountains, wash your face and brush your teeth and wash vegetables in the spring, chase the birds and find the sparrows when it snows.

the couple stay away from the hustle and bustle, practice their ingenuity and be a pair of craftsmen.

in this Xanadu, his favorite work, the balcony, was born, which was later included in the textbook by Shanghai Theatre Academy.

there is a sentence in "one hundred years of Solitude" that I like very much:

"only by washing the fog from your heart with water can glory illuminate your original dream.


the world of adults is full of temptations and tests. Only by keeping your heart, can you be yourself more freely and live a good life.

after reading a passage, I have quite a feeling:

"the value of mountains does not lie in the stacked peaks, butIs the geographical location;

the importance of water is not that it becomes an abyss, but that it contains all things.

the character of a person is not his birth class, but his inner cleanliness. "

it is not difficult to find that people with clean hearts always live purer and more indifferent lives.

Mingyue wrote in "those things of the Ming Dynasty": "in this dirty world, people who can spend their lives clean are admirable."

", people are pure and elegant.