On the eve of my wedding, I received three Wechat messages from my husband. The sky fell!

On the eve of my wedding, I received three Wechat messages from my husband. The sky fell!

There are many stories to tell about each other's desperate love.

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that day, Fa, who had been secretly in love with me, expressed his love to me.

he is very straightforward: "We have known each other since childhood. I am not married and you are not married. Why not stay together?"

then he scared me away.

I disappeared for a whole week.

declare that I want to go out quietly and have a rest.

actually, I'm going to make an end to the past.

my past name is Li Zhou.

A name that still makes waves in my heart even when I think about it now.

he is my college classmate and monitor, and he is also the kind of boy who brings his own light.

and I have been making jokes since the first day of school.

at that time, I was a small man with thick glasses and still had some baby fat on my face.

so much so that in the orientation report, I took the tall and big Li Zhou as a teacher.

on the other hand, he regards me as a little sister who sends his brother or sister to college.

after learning that I was indeed a freshman majoring in electrical and automation, Li Zhou and several boys took my suitcase and sent me to my dormitory.

they introduced themselves with laughter and asked why their parents didn't come to see me off.

I answered honestly: "they want to exercise me, saying that people must learn to grow up on their own."

so, several boys patted their breasts one after another: "No need to exercise, you are the only girl in our class, we will follow you."

with zero social skills, where can I catch this kind of humor and wave again and again: "No, my parents said not to cause trouble to others."

then, with nowhere to look, I looked at the ground in embarrassment.

as a result, several boys laughed even harder.

and quickly reached an agreement, giving me a cordial nickname: "Little one."

then they began to rank by age and asked me to call them "Big Brother, second Brother and third Brother."

only Li Zhou, after helping me with my luggage, wrote down his name, dormitory address and telephone number on the paper and said, "put this away. If you have anything, you can call me."


they called me "little one" enthusiastically, but I thought they were saying hello to someone.

that day, the whole class introduced themselves, including talking about their specialties, some can play the guitar, some can hip-hop, and some are proficient in all kinds of sports.

only I, who searched for a long time, said, "my hobby is reading and doing exercises."... "

everyone burst out laughing.

I thought they thought I was bragging, so I explained in a bit of a hurry: "if you don't believe me, I can almost recite any physics book if I read it."

so, someone really took out a professional book, and after reading a page, I memorized it seriously.

my eldest brother, second brother and three buddies were stunned. I don't know who came over, touched my head and said, "Little one, are you a robot?"

I was just about to explain that Li Zhou opened the boy's hand and said to everyone, "Liu Leilei was sent to our school through competition. The promising star of the future Nobel Prize in Physics is also the real flower of the motherland. It is the responsibility of our class to protect her."

this remark ignited everyone.

they applauded and booed, and there was an uproar in the classroom.

at that moment, I was so warm that I told myself that I must remember each of their names like recitation.

the rest of my college life is happy for me.

with the care and company of all the boys in the class, as well as Li Zhou's meticulous care.

like eating.

I have always been a person with a single food chain. At that time, as long as I went to the canteen to have a meal, there were three things: fried meat with lettuce, shredded potatoes and rice.

Li Zhou soon found out about it, and from then on he dined with me every day.

every time I order a different dish, exchange it with me, and remind me scientifically to develop my own taste buds with different foods.

people like me are too lazy to choose and afraid to try something new, whether it's food or socializing.

but Li Zhou came like this.

burst into my world like an accident.


during military training, Li Zhou changed places with others and stood next to me.

with a well-developed mind and simple limbs, when I take a positive step, I often turn along, and I turn very hard and seriously.

every time he hits his hand, he smiles and says, "I don't hurt, just don't hurt."

because of my unusual behavior, I finally failed to participate in the military training exhibition of the whole school.

"now, we are treated the same as the headmaster, watching their square team perform, and have to say hello to us from time to time."

while paddling, Li Zhou shouted in a low voice, "Thank you for your hard work!"

I asked him, "Why are you here?"

he answered irrespective of the question: "Little one, never change yourself because you are different from others, but cherish and protect your peace."

I don't knowWhat, when I hear that, I kind of want to cry.

and Li Zhou is not a mysterious boy.

that day, while helping me block out the still poisonous sunshine in early autumn, he said to me, "Little one, you know, I'm in love with you. Let's take our time."

on campus that day, the sky was high and cloudy, and Li Zhou's words left me speechless.

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although I have been "other people's children" since I was a child, my character is my weakness.

I don't know how to say nice things. Literature, art and sports cells are zero. My high school classmates jokingly called me a nerd who can only read books.

my love of learning and obsession with physics is not so much my specialty as my refuge.

people who know me are worried about my future outside the school gate, but Li Zhou said so firmly that everything about me is very precious, saying that he is in love with me.

can I trust him?

when I asked myself this question, I was hopelessly dependent on him.


for the rest of my college life, everything became vivid because of Li Zhou's company.

because of him, I, with a single diet, began to try something other than limited choices.

as long as it is recommended by him, I think it is delicious.

during the four years of college, I have grown from 87 jin to 99 jin.

it was under his guidance that I slowly found my own dressing style, took off my thick glasses and began to wear contact.

in fact, for me, taking off my glasses is not only beautiful, but more importantly, lifting the curtains of my heart, I gradually dare to look them in the eyes while talking to others.

Li Zhou is really the best boyfriend in the world.

he reminds me when I go to bed, when I get up and when I exercise every day. He is my clock.

he taught me swimming and table tennis.

he not only made me an idiot in sports, but also let me learn to manage my body and expression in front of others.

the department is going crazy, and Li Zhou has intelligentized the robot Liu Leilei.

other people's relationships fall in love before flowers and under the moon.

and my relationship with Li Zhou is not in the library, but in the laboratory.

when Li Zhou took me out to play, I felt tired for a while.

on the contrary, as long as I enter the lab, I can stay up all night without knowing why I am sleepy.

many times, I was forcibly pulled out of the laboratory by Li Zhou.

to this end, Li Zhou contracted all the housework of Mr. Jin's family and helped his daughter with her homework.

teacher Jin once said to me, "Liu Leilei, if you win the Nobel Prize in the future, the medal must have 3/4 of Li Zhou's."

every time, when I do an experiment, Li Zhou helps me with public relations, and he is definitely the best assistant.

in fact, his professional ability is not poor, but he is so willing to obey all my guesses and accompany me to test my ideas over and over again.

everyone doesn't understand: Li Zhou, where are you missing? Why are you so considerate to a female nerd?


I actually have the same question.

once, when I tried to solve the EMI suppression algorithm over and over again, but there was no progress, Li Zhou brought his own ingredients and went to the counselor's dormitory to open a small stove for me.

I suddenly burst into tears when I watched the oil pan boil and he carefully threw shrimp into the pan.

I said to him, "Li Zhou, go and fall in love with someone else. Don't waste your time on people like me."

after hearing this, Li Zhou wiped his hands and gave me a touch on the head: "little one, the experiment is not successful at once, and it may not even be successful for the rest of his life." But you want to be a scientist, to protect your concentration and scientific confidence, and I am responsible for protecting you. "

"Why? Why do you trust me so much? I really don't think I deserve you. "

although my EQ is not high, I still have enough IQ. I know that in scientific research, Li Zhou's qualification is not inferior to mine. Why should he be my green leaf? he has no such obligation.

that day, Li Zhou told me about his family for the first time.

his father is the boss of a listed company, and he has been used to seeing people coming and going at home since he was a child, so he is never shy about interpersonal communication.

because of this, he has seen a lot of sophisticated human feelings, so he is tired of the noisy retreat between people and hates the hidden rules that are hidden in the dark.

until he met me, he developed a desire for appreciation and protection that he had never had in his life.

he said: "if possible, little one, I want you to live in a simple and great world of scientific research for the rest of your life. Simplicity is also a talent and gift, and I want to protect it. "

who says the grass doesn't have spring.

that day, I felt with great certainty that there was a person in the world who loved me even more than my parents.

he not only took care of me in life, but more importantly, when I was not sure what kind of person I wanted to be, he told me so firmly: to be yourself bravely is the best life.


because of Li Zhou, when I was in college, I won a lot of awards and published many papers in academic journals.Applied for a patent.

I have not graduated yet, but I have been booked by several famous companies in the industry.

during the graduation season in 2014, we both went south and, in his words, "the woman sings along with her husband".

Li Zhou found a job in human resources that is not professional. He said that he is good at it, so he will have more spare power to support my career.

Shenzhen awaits us not only the house he rented beforehand, but also Li Zhou's parents who flew in from his hometown.

when they first met me, they made their position clear: they can not object to our love, as long as they must go back to their city.

No matter how stupid I am, I can tell that I am not their ideal daughter-in-law.

actually, I don't think I am.

so, in the face of the conditions given by his parents, I said directly to Li Zhou, "go home with them. With your ability, there will certainly be a good future."

who knows, Li Zhou, who has always been gentle, broke out. He pointed to my nose and said, "Liu Leilei, traitor!" We agreed that in this life, you will engage in your scientific research and I will take care of you. This is a deed of life and death. Even if you die, you have to keep your promise. Do you understand? "

they always thought that I had bewitched their son, but they did not expect that their son was more determined than they thought.

that day, I was frightened and moved by Li Zhou's anger.

but I don't know how to face his parents. The only thing I can think of is: "Uncle and aunt, I'm sorry."

but Li Zhou said, "Lei Lei, we are in love. You don't have to apologize."

he said to his parents, "I haven't spent a penny at home since I went to college. I spelled out all my academic qualifications for my job, and I didn't rely on my family for a penny, so when I fell in love and got married, I just told you that the path I chose, the people I like, will never regret."

I couldn't help my mother, but Li Zhou's parents finally left helplessly.


after work, Li Zhou is my career and life consultant.

five days a week, I chose 007 myself.

Li Zhou is not surprised, still reminding me to eat, rest and exercise as he did at school.

now there is another one, which is to tell me how to interact with my colleagues.

he is probably the kind of person others say, who teaches me the world and protects my innocence as before.

with him around, every time my parents call, the most advice to me is: "hurry to find time to get the certificate with Li Zhou."

in fact, my parents were worried that I would not get married in my life, so they couldn't wait for me to settle down.

but I was so busy at that time that every time Li Zhou told us to get a license, I would prevaricate: "when I finish the project at hand."... And celebrate together. "

it was Li Zhou who gave me enough self-confidence and willfulness.

I believe that it is not so important for me and him to have that piece of proof.

however, I am blindly confident.

on the day of the Winter Solstice in 2017, Li Zhou agreed to cook fennel dumplings for me in the evening.

but what I was waiting for that day was that he suddenly had to call back to his hometown.

he put the boiled dumplings in the microwave oven and told me that the mashed garlic soy sauce was also mixed and was on the cupboard.

he said he would be back soon.