No matter husband and wife or lover, the relationship fades in this way.

No matter husband and wife or lover, the relationship fades in this way.

If you love, please love seriously.

many people say that in a relationship, it is easy to get at first sight, but it is hard to find long-term love.

it's true that you don't need a reason to like someone, but you need two hearts to run in if you want to be together for a long time.

many people do not understand, too stubborn, thinking that love is to be unforgettable, regardless of you and me.

but the relationship between people is actually very delicate. No matter how full your love is, you should take care of it carefully and manage it with your heart.

whether they are couples or lovers, if they get along with these three signs, then the relationship will come to an end.


No relationship disappears for no reason.

when people get along with each other, what they fear most is that they are unwilling to tolerate and accommodate each other and go their own way.

just like Gu Jia and Xu Fengshan in Thirty.

many people are confused. Gu Jia is smart and capable, wholeheartedly for the family, and her husband cheated on her. Is it worth it?

but in fact, from their daily life, we can see why their marriage ended up like this.

Gu Jia has always been the one in control of their marriage.

Gu Jia is in charge of what house to change at home and what color socks to match her husband's suit.

she is in control of the company's key business and financial crisis.

Xu Fengshan is basically obedient to his wife's strength and occasionally expresses dissatisfaction, but he can only end the conversation by "listening to you" helplessly.

under the strength and control of Gu Jia, Xu Fengshan's obedience is more like a compromise that cannot be communicated.

even without the affair, their marriage was destined to be unhappy from the beginning.

has always agreed with the saying: "A good relationship must be neck and neck."

indeed, in the face of tedious love life, two people will inevitably have all kinds of different opinions.

but sometimes push too hard, forcing the other person to accept everything he has arranged, and even like to challenge the other person verbally, regardless of his feelings.

will only alienate feelings, which is the root of many unhappy marriages.

No one is born with perfect marks, and feelings have never been a counterbalance between the strong and the weak.

to have a truly intimate relationship, you need mutual respect, tolerance and understanding between two people.

you don't have to keep asking, "Why don't you do what I say? you don't love me."

there is no need to preach all day: "if you had listened to me, it would not have been like this."

give each other the greatest tolerance in a mundane life, so that you can get along comfortably, long-term and stable.

have nothing to fear

there was a hot topic a few days ago: what is the most taboo between men and women?

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A highly liked answer goes like this:

whenever I think that love is about to enter eternity for granted, it is actually the night before the storm when the crisis comes.

because no matter how good a relationship is, it takes it for granted.

Qiangzi and his girlfriend fell in love for six years, but broke up when they were about to get married.

No one understands that they have always been model couples in the eyes of others, with not only the same family conditions, but also very compatible personalities.

A girl is lively and extroverted, occasionally showing a little temper and losing her temper, but Qiangzi can always take care of her and tolerate her like a child.

when the two were talking about marriage, Qiangzi broke up without warning because of some differences of opinion.

he said:

I'm really tired. A phone call is on call, whether I just got back from a business trip or not.

I began to lose my temper when I didn't go along with her. In the end, I took the initiative to admit my mistake, and then I went to please her and make her happy.

I also feel aggrieved. I don't understand why she can't take the initiative and give me a little affirmation.

I'm not sure if I can live like this for the rest of my life.

the girl broke down and cried: "I just want to prove that I am loved. I thought you were used to it." You said I could change it. "

the world is so big, how lucky it is to meet a person who is kind to you wholeheartedly among thousands of people.

but it is a pity that most people do not meet, but get it but fail to cherish it.

it is too easy to take our partner's efforts for granted. once we find that someone is following and spoiling, we will unconsciously become proud and start to have nothing to fear.

take it for granted that the other party pays regardless of return, it will only slowly cool that person's heart and push TA away from the side.

in this world, if you meet one person who is really nice to you, there will be one less.

do not want to lose each other, please cherish each other, love each other and give.

you cast it with peaches, and I return it with Qiongyao, so that the feelings can be warm and long in the insipid fleeting years.


many people think that a good relationship should be intimate, regardless of you and me.

but sometimes relying too much on each other is not a good thing.


Jeannie, played by Cecilia Cheung in the movie Twelve Nights, fell in love with her boyfriend at first, but gradually, she wanted more and more.

when having a party with friends, give it to your boyfriend.Make a phone call to know your boyfriend's every move;

when her boyfriend did not reply to the message in time at the company, she became anxious and felt that he was deliberately alienating herself.

never leave your boyfriend, repeatedly call and ask: do you miss me? How much do you want to? Do you love me?

until finally, the boyfriend finally couldn't stand it, and the conflict between the two finally broke out and had a big fight.

Jeannie complained loudly: "Why do you never understand what I do for you?"

boyfriend is also full of grievances: "I didn't ask you to do so many things, why do you always do so many things for me?"

"because I love you, isn't that what it is to love a person?"

"it's not like this to hurt a person. I can ask my secretary to get the computer."

I'm really busy. I've been working. Why do you always call me to ask about my whereabouts and whether I love you? "

Love is fascinating, but sometimes it can be lost.

it is because of this close relationship that it is easy for us to forget our boundaries and think that love is indistinguishable from each other.

can't wait to get to know each other, want to know his favorite movies, want to know his food taste, want to occupy all his time and space.

put your heart and soul into it and impose your enthusiasm on each other in order to get more treasure.

but what about the results? Instead of promoting the relationship, they parted ways in the end.

what is the best interpretation of love? It's like a sentence in Rose Island:

"the best love is for two people to keep company with each other, not to be tied up, not to be entangled, to stand side by side and see the lonely world together."

A good relationship requires not only intimate relationships to support each other, but also independent space.

keeping a distance and being close to each other is both understanding and respect.

being independent and dependent on each other is the secret to maintaining a lasting relationship.

in fact, whether a relationship can last long and whether a marriage can be happy requires the joint efforts of two people.

No one is made for each other. No matter when they understand and cherish each other, it is the basic rule of running a relationship.

Don't be too obsessive, but be comfortable with each other;

not attached and thankless, heart-to-heart, often accompanied to old age.

people's life is too short, every relationship they meet is very precious.

whether couples or lovers, cherish the people around us, cherish everyone who loves us.

, if you love, please love seriously.

manage your life attentively, know each other and live a good life with mutual respect and support.