My husband went downstairs to get the newspaper, and the 13-year marriage has changed.

My husband went downstairs to get the newspaper, and the 13-year marriage has changed.

I don't want to admit that this day will come.



my name is Chen Manjuan and his name is Lan Hai.

We were both born in Suzhou in 1969. We are 52 years old.

at this moment, I was lying next to him, and I suddenly wanted to tell our story.

talk about our firewood, rice, oil, salt and romance over the years, our bitterness and sweetness.

want to leave traces of me and the blue sea in this world.


Lan Haijia is in the East Taihu Lake and my home is in the West Taihu Lake.

are all remote rural areas of Suzhou.

then we went to the same high school and our lives began to intersect.

Blue Sea is handsome, with a standard Chinese face and thick eyebrows.

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people are very sunny and like to laugh. In today's words, they are the kind of teenagers as bright as spring.

and he smiled at me the most and brightly.

Blue Sea said that he had noticed me since the first day of school.

is probably the first acquaintance with Jun, just like the surprise of the old friend, but also the heart of love at first sight for ten thousand years.

he says he likes smart girls, and he is smart when he looks at me.

his love didn't make much waves to me.

at that time, I was a good girl. I was bent on going to college, and I didn't understand my relationship yet.

plus I like the kind of tall boy.

tall, thin, is my ideal type. Lan Hai is thin, but he is only 1.7 meters tall.

however, no matter what my attitude was, Blue Ocean smiled at me for three years as usual.

he said I was his goddess, at first glance, and always will be.

I don't pay much attention. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, there is nothing to talk about forever.


in 1987, Blue Sea and I were admitted to the university.

he has a more stable state of mind than me, and his grades come out, he is the third and I am the fourth.

he went to Huazhong Institute of Technology, now Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

and I went to Shanghai University of Science and Technology, which is now Shanghai University.

I thought distance would make him give up his affection for me, but he didn't.

Blue Sea often writes to me, and when he goes back to Suzhou during the winter and summer holidays, he confesses his love as soon as he has a chance.

I never agreed.

it's too far away. I don't want to be in a long-distance relationship.

but I never fell in love with anyone else.

I don't know whether it is because of the company of the blue sea that others can't walk into my heart, or because I haven't found the kind of tall and thin boy who was moved at first sight.

when I graduated, I didn't take the postgraduate entrance examination, and my family thought that the girl's undergraduate degree was already good.

Blue Sea was going to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but I heard that I gave up because I didn't take the exam.

as I listened, I was gradually moved.


in 1991, I graduated from Blue Ocean University.

at that time, college students were still assigned, but they had to go back to work in their hometown.

he stayed with me all the time, and when he saw me sign a contract with a company in Suzhou, he quickly and happily signed another one.

so we both stayed in downtown Suzhou.

Blue Sea majored in machinery and entered the Great Wall Fan Factory to do product development and design.

I majored in biochemical engineering and got into the technical department of daily chemical plant.

Blue Ocean comes to see me every weekend, riding a bike around the whole city of Suzhou.

the hesitation and confusion of entering the workplace seems to have become less difficult because of the blue sea.

it is said that companionship is the most affectionate confession. In such tenderness, I know that the blue sea is gradually living in my heart.

the turning point was the winter of 1992.

I accidentally fell while riding my bike and had a comminuted fracture of my left elbow. I had an operation with steel nails and 14 stitches.

Blue Sea was frightened when he heard the news. He rushed to the hospital at the first time, and other friends also came when he heard the news.

I was delirious with pain, sweating and clinging to the hand of the blue sea.

whether I am willing to admit it or not, I have inexplicable trust and dependence on him.

during that time, Blue Sea asked for leave and accompanied me in the hospital every day.

when we were chatting, we talked about a movie. He said he had seen it, too, and went to see it with some of his high school classmates.

but when talking about those high school classmates, I heard a girl's name.

and that girl liked him before.

it was difficult for me to describe my mood at that time. I blew up in an instant.

it was at that moment that I really saw my heart clearly. It turns out that I care about him.

and don't care a little bit.

Blue Sea saw me angry and panicked. He promised nervously that he would never go to the movies with other girls again.

look at the way he doesn't know what to do.And then I laughed.

I am very happy, not because of the attitude of the blue sea, but because I finally determined my mind.

in this way, I am with the blue sea.

Blue Sea said that he finally kept the clouds open to see the moon, saying that he knew we would be together from the first time he saw me.

Hey, let's be together.


in 1994, Blue Ocean units were divided into employee dormitories, but only if they were married.

after the discussion between the two families, Blue Ocean and I went to get a marriage license.

soon lived in the dormitory and had a home.

Blue Ocean is very enterprising. In addition to going to work, she also takes over the work with Master, does CAD design and drawing, and earns some extra money.

when he got his first extra cash, he bought me a gold necklace of 2188 yuan.

the hot weather, coupled with the strong reaction in the first trimester, made me feel terrible.

said casually one day, if only there were air conditioners.

on the same day, Blue Sea went to buy an air conditioner and came back with more than 7000 yuan.

the day the air conditioner was installed, the whole dormitory was a sensation and all came to watch.

I was so distressed that he wasted his money. But the blue sea smiled and said, money can be spent to earn again, the wife is too hot can be troublesome.

so everyone knows that Blue Ocean is a wife lover.

I remember that when I first got married, my parents wanted to build a house, and my mother asked me to take some money.

when Blue Ocean knew, she gave all our savings to my parents.

I can hardly laugh or cry, blaming him for being poor and generous. But he said that your parents are my parents, we can't contribute to our own family affairs, of course we have to pay for it.

the so-called love me and my dog is nothing more than this.


in March 1996, my son was born.

when my son and I were pushed out, Blue Sea didn't have the first time to hold my son, but sent me a big basket of flowers.

Blue Sea touched my head and said, I don't know how to thank you. Thank you for your hard work.

his eyes sparkled with tears.

New life is a kind of continuation and a kind of connection. From then on, Blue Ocean and I were destined to be inseparable.

is a companion, a relative and a comrade-in-arms.

teach you to go hand in hand instead of holding you back. And the blue sea is my best comrade-in-arms.

in June of this year, my contract expired and my unit informed me to renew it.

at that time, the efficiency of the unit was getting worse and worse. I wanted to go to a foreign company, but I was a little hesitant. After all, everything is unknown.

but Blue Sea said, it's all right, go and have a try. I won't know until I try. Anyway, I still have the bottom line.

so I didn't renew my contract and devoted myself to preparing for the licensed pharmacist exam, and Blue Ocean did almost everything for my son.

he did it all himself, from changing diapers and matching milk to the knowledge of parenting.

with the strong support of Blue Sea, I successfully entered a pharmaceutical company in December.

my salary has increased several times, which has opened the way for me to work in a foreign company.


in September 1997, Blue Ocean encountered an opportunity and resigned to join a foreign company.

this year, we bought a house with three rooms and one living room and really had a home.

and for the next 10 years, the family of three lived like honey mixing oil.

Blue Sea spoils his son very much, and his son is also very clingy to him. He is a good father in everyone's eyes.

to my son, it seems that I am just a cameo of friendship.

Blue Ocean did not relax at work. He kept getting promotions and salary increases and became the department manager.

the position is changing, the house is changing, but his heart to me and the family has not changed.

he always takes me to parties with friends.

for unit entertainment, those who can be rejected will be rejected, and those who cannot be rejected will go home as soon as possible.

once, a client tricked him into going to a place of entertainment, where there was a special service.

as soon as he heard the blue sea, he turned his head and left.

the client's face is blindfolded, but he is also admired and respected more.

sometimes I laugh at him when I talk about it. Why don't you try such a good opportunity? Every time he would touch my head and say, try your head.

is full of spoiling. If you have a husband like this, what can a woman ask for?

in this way, 10 years have passed unconsciously, and the time has come to 2007.

I think the three of us will be happy forever.


however, something happened to the Blue Ocean.

I will never forget August 14, 2007.

at 10:00 in the evening, Blue Sea's left foot suddenly lost consciousness and could not move.

I called 120 in a panic and was sent to the hospital where I was diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage.

my sky suddenly collapsed, at a loss, out of my mind.

fortunately, more than a month later, Blue Ocean recovered.

also went to work normally.

but on the evening of this year, the Winter Solstice went downstairs to get the newspaper. When he went upstairs, he suddenly felt that his left foot was weak and could not lift it.

did you go to the hospital for CT examination or cerebral hemorrhage?.

now we are a little panicked and feel that things are not that simple.

my son is still young, his parents-in-law don't understand, and there is no one around to negotiate.

I am so helpless and desperate that I can't imagine what to do if it is really a tumor.


I asked around and finally decided to take Lan Hai to Huashan Hospital and find an authoritative expert.

at that time, there was no online registration, so we had to find scalpers to wait in line.

every minute and every second is very difficult, because the illness of the blue sea is getting worse day by day.

after the expert learned about the condition, he was diagnosed as a brain tumor and was hospitalized.

at that time, the left half of the blue sea had lost consciousness and it was impossible to treat it conservatively.

but the operation is very risky and may lead to hemiplegia.

I was in a dilemma. I was surprised and scared. Over the years, the blue sea has protected me so well that I can't face this sudden change at all.

the blue sea saw that I didn't know what to do.

he held my hand and smiled and said to me, "it's all right. Your husband is very lucky. He must be fine. Choose surgery. Let's fight together."

in this way, on April 22, 2008, Blue Sea entered the operating room.

Thank God, the operation was a success.

the next day after the operation, Blue Sea's left foot could move.

but fate didn't let us go.

the results of rapid pathology showed that the tumor in the blue ocean was grade III malignant.

the highest is level 4, that is to say, Blue Ocean is very sick.

when the doctor told me the result, I immediately collapsed on the ground.

but the doctor comforted me that the results of the formal pathological sections should prevail and don't panic yet.

I seem to have grasped a lifesaver, imagining that the results of the formal pathological section will be reversed.

however, I was disappointed in the end.

I was wailing with the report form.

afraid that the blue sea could not bear it, I dared not tell him and forced a smile in front of him.

but as soon as I turned around, the tears fell uncontrollably.


however, some things have to be faced sooner or later.

the doctor said that it would be better to tell the truth to the patient and let the patient actively cooperate with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If you can't talk, I will.

after thinking about it, I decided to tell Blue Ocean myself.

it's really cruel.

one second, the blue sea was still smiling at me. The next second, his smile was frozen and the stars were dim in his eyes.

We were crying bitterly in the ward.

he said, I'm sorry, honey, I dragged you down. I shouldn't have been haunting you. If you hadn't married me, you wouldn't have to take it.

I said, I never regret marrying you when you say something stupid.

then I said, let me tell you a secret. When I was hospitalized with a broken arm, there was a male doctor in the hospital who liked me. He was tall and handsome, and his family conditions were good, but I didn't agree. Because at that time, I already knew that the person I liked was you. So you have to get better and don't let me pick the wrong person.

tears welled up in the blue sea's eyes. He said, "I'm not afraid of death. I'm just worried. What about you and your son when I'm gone?"

my heart suffocates.

I hugged him and said, then try to live. Neither I nor my son can live without you.

Yes, my son and I can't live without him.

Blue Ocean gradually cheered up, accepted the reality, and actively cooperated with doctors in radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

the doctor said Blue Sea was the strongest and most optimistic cancer patient he had ever seen.

I listened and secretly wiped away my tears.