My boyfriend and I learn to bark like ducks at home.

My boyfriend and I learn to bark like ducks at home.

These things will only be done in front of you.

I do not know when, I will suddenly "quack", and then my boyfriend will subconsciously "quack" back and forth.

if I didn't know, I thought our family had become a duck farm.

"ga" can represent any coquettish words, which is also the "original communication language" between us.

@ Sao Pig

because she was very fat when she was a child, I called her "fat woman". In the past two years, I gained 20 jin because my life was not very regular, and she finally seized the opportunity to call me "dead fat guy" every day.

she likes to drink water so much that every time she goes out with me, she brings a super-large-capacity summer heat-resistant Internet celebrity with a big kettle on her back and drinks 1 liter in an hour. Since then, she is not a pig, she is a bucket.

the adjective "most couples break up when they hear it" is a sign of intimacy between us.

can you find a handsome angle for me?

my girlfriend Mu Mu will act coquettish very hard every time she asks me to do something.

and if I'm busy with the game and don't notice, she takes a deep breath and goes straight to the sky with a high-pitched cry.

like the sound of boiling water from an ancient kettle, it is also like the siren of a green train entering the station.

if she acts like a spoiled girl, I will act like a spoiled girl. As soon as she was stupefied, she began to act coquettish. I "have a countermeasure" to oppose and act coquettish.

whistle all the time, never stop.

@ A Tan

once he made me angry but didn't know it, so I replied when he asked if he wanted to cook at the weekend: "I dare not trouble you, Mr. Wang." To make him feel that I was in a bad mood.

so we all spoke in this honorific mode that night, as if we were back to the time when we first met.

maybe this way of talking is a little strange, but think about it. He and I are playing the game of love, and the two of us are willing to cooperate with each other.

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@ Liu Bai

when I first heard it, I felt that "freezing" and "pain" was too sweet and greasy.

when I came home from work every day, my boyfriend blurted out a lot of things before he put down his schoolbag. (and may deliberately mispronounce it, saying it as a more coquettish "slightly")

people who don't know may think that we are two babies only a few months old.