Live trailer: graduation confession.

Live trailer: graduation confession.

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there will be fear, but more should be expected.

graduates who have just finished college, returning to school to receive their diplomas, stared at the red book and suddenly sighed, "unexpected graduation."

lost after the work and their own interests, confused to stay in the big city or return to their hometown to work.

just like before, people who just graduated are too easy to bully. "speaking of:

probably, growing up is a tiring thing.

instead of hiding the questions about "graduation and the future", you might as well talk to us.

messy editor-in-chief (FM191189631) and will not draw Editor-in-Chief Ze Peng (FM191593921), but will have a live voice broadcast on it. Let's have a "graduation confession" .

if you have some troubles and you can't tell the people around you, come here and confess. Talk to us like friends. At the same time, we have also prepared some product benefits to be given to you at random.

but at least the current sadness and bitterness will be a little less.

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