I've never been in love.

I've never been in love.

Love should be full, but don't spill over.

it's not unreasonable to think about it. At that time, Xiao A's mind was on another person, and he didn't think of giving attention to others at all.

and a few days ago, Xiao A received his invitation.

she knew what he meant by sending an invitation. After all, she had chased him for so long.

for him at that time, Xiao A found all kinds of excuses to pass by his school and tried his best to give him holiday gifts in the hope that he could feel his heart.

at first, he will accept Xiao A's kindness.

later, Xiao A came to him more frequently, and he would often send good morning and good night, share some interesting things with him, and even buy water for all the members of his team while he was playing.

all this looks like the act of an intimate girlfriend.

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however, in the uproar of the team members, the boy showed a cramped and embarrassed expression.

because she is not his girlfriend yet.