It doesn't hurt, how can you see another way out?

It doesn't hurt, how can you see another way out?

Feel sad in the face of pain.

the original plan was to stay in Xiamen for half a month, and then go back to Guangzhou to continue to work, but the plan could not keep up with the change. Before I realized it, I came to Shanghai.

because I have friends here.

I still remember what they said when they left. First, Zhiyuan, a medical student, told me that writing was really painful and needed to constantly "squeeze" himself.

as a result, I lost my mindset before I wrote a few articles.

then only at the lowest point, when self-confidence is about to collapse, are you willing to look up at other possibilities.

now, he works in a large hospital in Shanghai, where he specializes in rehabilitation physiotherapy for sick children.

"but it doesn't hurt, how do you know you used to like being a doctor?"


over and over again, like Sisyphus, pushing the stone to the top of the mountain, then rolling down, pushing it again.

Don't underestimate the self-punishment mechanism of this creature, which can easily destroy itself when no one else can understand it.

and all this, in my opinion, is precisely because it is "not painful enough".

but if you condense your time, you will gain ten jin a day, not to mention the reactions of the people around you. Your body will be the first to accept it. It will make you vomit, pull, and even use all instincts to stop you from eating. On your first day on the job, your boss told you that your salary would rise to 6000 at most three years later, and your friends would probably let you go.

compared with the sharp pain in the face after being slapped when you were a child, the bad effects you encounter when you grow up are often a little bit. It is not only painless, but even makes you digest and accept yourself.

because from my past life experience, it seems that after the age of 18, we no longer tell others, "I am hurt," and then because we do not tell others, slowly, we do not say to ourselves.


stop running away from harm. Although we are strong enough to reconcile things that make us sad with some logic, we need to face it, or even feel it.

I think this sentence is wonderful, because I never realized that I had been criticizing my own ideas.

but in fact, the reason why I think "want to eat carbon water" is a bad idea, because the action of "eating carbon water" is not good and bad.

so to "feel the pain", we must first "face the pain".

Don't imagine how your body will answer you, because its answer will probably surprise you.

does not necessarily mean leaving and leaving; it is not necessarily a decisive breakup; nor is it possible to run every day to lose weight.

notice that the "you" of this sentence is not the "you" you think you are, but the "you" who has been ignored by you, waiting quietly in a corner of your heart, waiting for you to be seen.

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finally, I think of a very good friend of mine, who is 41 this year. I asked him on his birthday this year, "what's it like to be over forty?"

for some reason, his "I want to live again" often comes to my mind.

share the fine weather in the office to you

, but they are really my ideas.