Is it okay if you don't refuel?

Is it okay if you don't refuel?

I don't give up, I just want to follow my own rhythm.

because the matter at hand was not very urgent, I stood behind and watched him delete the painting, draw it and delete it again and again.

"come on."

"No refueling."

the colleagues sitting next to him were startled by him and asked him what was wrong.

everyone saw that there was nothing wrong, and soon left, leaving me to continue to stand behind him.

in order to find a painting style suitable for the cluttered new Douyin account, he almost watched the whole ins;

and even we slept at home on weekends, and he would go to the company to paint his own work.

looking at the one in front of me who wants to give up when he is in trouble, it suddenly makes me feel a little lost.

I received advertising cooperation last week. Because my clients are not sure what they want, a 500-word outline has been changed to seven or eight editions.

on the No. 3 line home from work, when I was so tired that I could fall asleep standing up, I suddenly received a message from the group that I wanted to continue to revise, and the other party did not forget to add the sentence "come on" after a long revision. "

it was at this moment that I suddenly understood Hao Nan, who dropped his pen last month. even if you say come on, things that have not been solved will remain the status quo.

and how I feel after hearing this sentence is even tied to "anxiety".

I know you can't do it, I know you're in the bottleneck, I know you're upset, but you just have to do it well.

but the annoying thing is not "come on" itself, but being reminded that "you haven't finished this thing yet".

so our simple slogan is more like an extra burden to each other.

it turns out that things and problems cannot be solved by "shouting slogans".

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it is precisely with the three-day extension that the mood on both sides of us has become less anxious than before.

yesterday, when he was having snacks in the tea room during the afternoon tea time, Hao Nan happened to come over to get a drink, so we talked about his "pen strike".

"I finally realized how you felt at that time. I was really irritable."

Hao Nan took a bite of soda cracker and almost spurted out cookie crumbs after hearing that I was lost to him.

then he punched me in the shoulder, regardless of whether I felt pain or not.

"if you don't have a solution, you might as well go to the convenience store downstairs and bring me a bottle of sugar-free oolong tea."