If you've ever thought about "do you want to go home or not?"

If you've ever thought about "do you want to go home or not?"

How can there be only two options in life? it's just that we are habitually divided into two options.

I asked why.

"what does that have to do with Hui Puning?"

"with an income of 4k in Guangzhou, excluding rent, water, electricity and meals, it would be nice to have any leftover at the end of the month.

I joked with him:" I would hurry to buy overnight high-speed rail station tickets to run away. What are you waiting for? "

because, "this may be the last meal I invite the team leader."

one late night, I couldn't sleep because I drank Yuanyang milk tea in the afternoon. I happened to see a circle of friends he posted five minutes ago:

the picture is a picture of the scenery standing on the balcony and taking pictures of the Guangzhou Tower that is only a little left through the anti-theft net.

A few minutes later he replied to me, "that's right."

so the next day, he invited me to eat that coconut chicken again.

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two days off, from nine to six on time, you don't have to worry about takeout software every day. You can watch the movies you want in the office in the afternoon, and then go out to drink and play cards in the evening.

"but I'm just upset. And it's the kind of discomfort that's hard to tell. It's better, more comfortable, freer, but you can always feel clearly that it's not the life you want. "

because too many of my friends have come back and come back in the past few years, and then it's basically the same plot every time:

come back because here there will be a result in life.

and coming back as a social animal looks like he's going to be miserable again, but he's obviously much happier than he was last time.

she has a good life in Shanghai, the same class as me, but with a much higher 20k monthly salary than me.

Last week, she made an appointment for psychological counseling because of the mental explosion caused by her leader. The content was "did I really do something wrong?"

her family already has a house in Guangzhou, and her parents' interpersonal relationship is enough to give her a job that earns a lot of money without getting too tired.

but the simple "life is more important than money" is extremely complicated by her--

until another mutual friend in the group asked, "if your current job is really so good, why do you always tell us that your work is not good?"

because she found that every time she asked whether or not to go back to Guangzhou, she asked first.

the consultant did not answer directly, but reminded her: "if the idea of 'going back to Guangzhou' lingers on your mind, you should go back to Guangzhou for a while."

then Alicia really asked for annual leave to go back to Guangzhou.

in fact, the current job is very difficult, which does not mean that she is leaving Shanghai. She could have chosen another Shanghai company to change jobs, or even "if I can't get a raise, I can get a pay cut."