If you can't cure procrastination.

If you can't cure procrastination.

I dragged on this tweet for half a month.

in fact, I also want to know what's going on, because September is almost halfway through, and I haven't posted a tweet yet, and the schedule has been pushed again and again.

it's not that I haven't tried, but when I try to start a tweet, I fall into this strange circle:

after struggling with this for a while, deadline is getting closer and closer, so I start to worry, blame myself, and even do other, less important things to ease my emotions, such as cleaning mountains of clothes or writing an advertising outline due next week.

after completing the above steps, the task restarts, a new deadline is born, and everything cycles again.

of course I have a hard time, so I will find some friends to talk to.

it suddenly occurred to me that I had told her something similar.

I asked her why she got stuck.

I asked her to write down her ideas first, and try to find a way to supplement the arguments instead of just waiting. You can talk to your mentor after you write the outline.

finally, the tutor made a comment on her outline. She began to refine and complete the text as suggested by her mentor.

but I still stay in the agony of procrastination, which shows that I don't fully agree with what I already know and have been verified by my friends to work.

it sounds paradoxical that I would rather procrastinate than do what I already know.

"because you took my advice?" That's what I always thought, but now I'm not sure.

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"what is that?"

she explained that after sorting out her thoughts, she found that there was a deeper reason behind procrastination-

to make excuses for the results in advance.

if the result is not ideal and disappoints the tutor, it is only a matter of time. She failed to perform as well as she should.

after understanding this, she began to stop procrastinating.

I was a little surprised, not because it was unexpected, but because it was completely right.

"Why do you say that?"

A Xing actually writes papers to learn and study knowledge in a certain field, but she is worried that her mentor will be disappointed.

but later, with the increase of work pressure, I seem to have forgotten my original intention.

then I may have to let you down. Because I think there are many ways, all on the Internet.

the meaning of accomplishing something is not only to prove "what we can do", but also to know what else we can do.

after all, no one is born to do things right at once.