I want to maintain the status quo with you.

I want to maintain the status quo with you.

Familiar with people, will also bring strangeness of the ​.

my friends and I had midnight snacks that day. It was already two o'clock in the evening. She asked me if I wanted to stay at her house for the night.

it is worth mentioning that when friends say this, they do not use the tone of "come and envy me" that is very common in the market.

you are very tired after work.

but human joys and sorrows are not the same. To you, this is a psychological implication that "today has passed to the fullest."

after he maintains a comfortable posture, he won't take the initiative to say anything, just leisurely looking for a point that meets your line of sight.

obviously, he wants you to talk first.

"I'll cook." That's what a sensitive and appropriate girlfriend would say.

what you receive is that he is trying very hard to convey the message of "how tired I am to go home".

because of the idea of intimate relationship, everyone subconsciously gives "greatly moved" feedback in the face of some "touching" things done by the other person.

although you have a different idea in your heart.

"but when I opened the shower and flushed his urine stains off the toilet seat, the real idea was to flush him down the toilet, too." Make it up, my friend.

Thank you for the housework and let love shine into reality.

like what you sometimes think of as a "well-ripe" relationship, it may just be "medium well"-you find that you don't know someone as well as you think.

Last week, I updated my moments without seeing you for a long time. I have a friend who I met before seeing live, and she and I can take a 10h + hard seat to each other's city.

she commented on my moments. Over and over again, we might as well open a small window to talk about the current situation.

but with the ups and downs of the topic, I find that what I can pick up is limited to our previous experience of watching live together. And continue to complain about the band lead singer who once loved each other and now looks stupid.

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without the intersection of 2021, she moved from Guangzhou to Beijing and continued to study the major she was good at. My student identity also changed and I successfully found my current job.

but before that day, none of us took the initiative to mention these variables in our lives to each other.

I don't know whether the change is good or bad. I just stare at the chat that ends with memes and flashes waiting for input.

I ask myself, "what are you expecting?"

in other words, I just need time to buffer, the fact that we are not so close.

of course it makes me feel frustrated. I could have sent a highly summarized "you've changed", which would make me feel better.

but has the other person actually changed?

or do we all live according to our expectations, but we got acquainted for a while.

so in the face of lovers or friends, we actually need to reach a "medium well" consensus: even if it is an intimate relationship, we do not empathize.

at this point, some people may become pessimistic about "interacting with people" while realizing the limitations of the relationship.

including when I was talking to the koala about this topic, I also used "what's the point of a game whose clearance rate can't reach 100%?" The tone is repeating.

but it's actually kind of interesting.

means that you want to drink milk tea and then find out that the company is buying today. So you are very happy after a cup of milk tea.

and when you have reached seven points full, your colleague gave you her cup to lose weight.

this may also be another way of solving the problem of "medium well": the relationship will take a sharp turn for the worse after "medium well".

"my goal in life is to maintain the status quo with you."