I want to do it with you.

I want to do it with you.


it's different from what you see every day, the story about the author.

on August 28, 2017, Tencent launched an H5 interaction: children's Gallery.

they are all mentally retarded.

the "Children's Gallery" campaign raised more than 15 million yuan in donations, with more than 5.8 million people taking part in the fundraising.

also because I didn't participate in this activity.

although it costs only 1 yuan, I have read the activity information about it no less than 10 times in moments. But I'm still "afraid" to participate.

it seems a little funny now, but I will think to myself: wait and see, it may not be suitable for me to attend.

there must be a special person to organize, and then set up a process, accompanied by ceremonial meetings and so on, which can be regarded as a "complete" public welfare. I will unconsciously think that public welfare is a matter of "distance".

later, when my friends and I were eating Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef in Dapai stalls, we talked about this--

if you want to sum it up in one word, it is: look up.

when planning the "temporary crying Point" activity, there are two sentences that read:

so we have to choose a place to store our negativity.

temporary crying point offline material

for at least 30 minutes, he neither played with his cell phone nor talked to anyone else, but stared blankly at the display wall of the "temporary crying spot" and spoke softly.

the activity is allowed to take pictures, but he put down the phone without clicking the button in the middle of the screen. Pick it up and put it down. I've seen it three times. But he finally filmed it.

this sentence is one of the few words that I can hear clearly beside my eldest brother.

I will remember this segment clearly, not just because of the touch of the temporary crying point to him. More importantly, as a curator, I can really feel that I am "in the public welfare".

and in the curatorial event, it was the first time that I stood next to it and looked straight at it from an ordinary person's point of view.

you see, you're already doing it.

it is very clear that

so, when we cooperate with Tencent public welfare in the third year, we will hope that more friends can participate.

do good things together.

most people least expect to participate in public welfare activities: step-by-step donation.

according to official statistics, Tencent currently has a total of 111263 projects .

different types of public welfare projects

communication levels are reduced, at the same time, we can more intuitively see where our money is going.

the process is more clear and transparent

Public welfare is not done by one person, but a little bit by many people.

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99 Commonweal Day, do good together.