I posted a moments on my husband's phone, and 10 days later, we got divorced.

I posted a moments on my husband's phone, and 10 days later, we got divorced.

When there is something wrong with a marriage, cheating is the worst solution.


I met Cheng Song at a friend dinner.

he is handsome and gentle.

the boy shouted five drinks and six places for drinking and boxing. He did not participate, but just smiled and watched everyone play.

I am very fond of him, but I dare not show my mind.

there should be a lot of girls like boys like Cheng Song.

I have never been in love, and I have a little inferiority complex in front of the person I like. I just stayed quietly and didn't say much.

Cheng Song's eyes floated over from time to time. I was a little surprised, but I was afraid I would have the wrong idea.

at a dinner soon after, Cheng Song's friend joked with me.

it was a little unsuitable for children. I was very embarrassed and didn't know how to respond.

Cheng Song turned his face directly, slapped his friend, and then pulled me away.

I asked him why he wanted to protect me.

he said: "you are stupid, can't you see that I like you?"

my heart blossomed with joy.


soon after, I was in a car accident and was admitted to the hospital.

Cheng Song came as soon as he learned of this and took care of me in the hospital.

the wound was so deep that 15 stitches were stitched on the thigh, which made it very inconvenient to move.

Cheng Song carries me to the bathroom every day and gives me hot water to wash my feet in the evening. He was so sad that he burst into tears when the wound was changed.

apart from my family, this is the first time someone has cried for me.

in the white ward, there are pink bubbles floating. This is what it feels like to be in love, I guess.

after we were discharged from the hospital, we were officially together.

some friends around me remind me that Cheng Song loves to play and has many confidants.

Nothing could be more magnificent than our marine corps ball dresses. This is the perfect place for your stunning collection!

but I prefer to believe in my eyes.

every time I work overtime or have dinner with friends, Cheng Song will tell me in advance. And I didn't find him having an affair with any other girl.

even if he was unfaithful, as long as I was his destination.


after two years of dating, we began to talk about marriage.

Cheng Song took me home and met his mother.

his mother was very satisfied with me and urged us to get married and give her a grandson. My parents think Cheng Song is good, too.

We bought a house and got married, and everything went well.

six months after my marriage, I was pregnant.

Cheng Song was very happy and took the time to accompany me for a walk and antenatal examination.

I had severe pregnancy and vomiting in my early days, and Cheng Song changed ways to cook delicious food for me, and looked up a lot of relief measures on the Internet.

my mother said she should eat more fruit when she was pregnant, so Cheng Song went to the fruit store and brought back a few boxes.

I looked at the pile of fruit in the kitchen, smiled and said, "are you raising pigs?"

although pregnancy is hard, but with Cheng Song's love, I think it's all worth it.

but I did not expect that under the calm life, there are surging waves hidden.


my mother-in-law came from my hometown to take care of me a month before giving birth.

I was very happy, but soon found that my mother-in-law is not a very easy person to get along with, and there are great differences in living habits.

my mother-in-law has a strong taste, but I am used to being light; my mother-in-law doesn't like to take a bath, and I especially like to be clean. The hot weather gave off an unpleasant smell from my mother-in-law.

I really can't stand it. I asked Cheng Song to remind her, but she still went her own way.

my mother-in-law likes to cook fried food, and the house often smells like lampblack.

she often washes her socks and underwear in the washing machine. I told my mother-in-law it was unsanitary, but she turned a deaf ear.

such things go on and on.

I complained to Cheng Song, and Cheng Song was also very helpless. I can only comfort myself that life is bound to stumble, just put up with it.

but on the day of giving birth, my mother-in-law's behavior made me very desperate.


at three o'clock in the morning, my water broke.

after being sent to the hospital, the pain poured in. My mother-in-law said that natural labor was good for the baby, so I always insisted.

Nine hours later, the doctor came to check again and again, and only three fingers were opened.

I was in a cold sweat with pain, and a hard fake mango in the ward was pinched out of shape.

the doctor looked at me and said, "it's painless. You have to save some energy before you can have the baby smoothly."

before Cheng Song and I expressed our position, my mother-in-law immediately stood up and said:

"you can't fight. Anesthetic is not good for children."

she also said:

"all women have to go through this. It hurt when I gave birth to your husband, but I didn't even say a word."

Cheng Song dared not disobey his mother-in-law, but held my hand all the time.

the pain became more and more severe, and I lay in bed, feeling riddled with holes.

until I went to the delivery bed, my mother-in-law was still outside to emphasize to the doctor:

"it must not be painless. In case it affects my grandson, I will sue you."

my tears flow silently.

I am too weak to have any strength.

listening to the baby's crying, I cried and laughed. All the committeesQu also let it go.


I thought that the arrival of a new life would ease my relationship with my mother-in-law.

actually, it's worse.

when the child developed eczema, my mother-in-law insisted that I ate something I shouldn't have eaten.

taking the child to the hospital, the doctor said it was too thick. I wanted to take off a dress for the child, but my mother-in-law changed her face directly, saying that I disliked her that she couldn't take care of the child and wanted to go back to her hometown immediately.

I lost so much that my mother-in-law reluctantly forgave me.

after the month, I began to cook and wash my own clothes.

and my mother-in-law is like an actor. When Cheng Song was at home, she was very diligent and kind to me. After Cheng Song went to work, she did nothing and bossed me around.

when the child is not feeling well, she thinks it is my fault, all kinds of criticisms and accusations.

it's really hard to raise children, and I have to endure all kinds of difficulties and torments from my mother-in-law. Life is dark, and I often complain to Cheng Song.

and Cheng Song tried his best to coax me and appease me at first. But over time, he looked at his gracious mother-in-law and felt that I was making a fuss about nothing.

my mother-in-law often pretends to be pitiful in front of Cheng Song and often deliberately sows discord.

I am angry. Cheng Song is becoming more and more disagreeable to me, and I don't have a good face for him.

once I went downstairs to throw rubbish and saw Cheng Song sitting alone in the car.

the years have wasted the promise, and all we have left is the powerless silence.

I thought a lot that night.

I discussed with Cheng Song that my mother-in-law would go back and I would take care of the children by myself. Since the contradiction between me and my mother-in-law is irreconcilable, let distance produce beauty.

my mother-in-law made a scene unexpectedly, saying that Cheng Song married a wife and didn't want a mother.

my attitude is very firm. I'm afraid that if my mother-in-law stays any longer, our marriage will be over.

my mother-in-law left, and the long-lost serenity was finally restored at home.

I secretly heaved a sigh of relief. I thought Cheng Song and I could go back to the past.


actually, I was wrong.

when there was no contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in this family, and I began to follow Cheng Song outside my children, I found that Cheng Song was no longer the same as before.

he often goes out for dinner and drink.

sometimes he doesn't go out until he takes a bath at home. When he gets home, he still goes to the bathroom first. He basically keeps his cell phone with him and takes it with him to the bathroom.

he often urges me to take my children back to live in my mother's house.

the more I thought about it, the more wrong it became. I couldn't help asking Cheng Song if there was anything wrong with him.

Cheng Song reacted violently, saying that you were too sensitive and wishful thinking every day.

while Cheng Song wasn't paying attention, I peeked at his mobile phone several times and found nothing.

but women have good instincts. I don't think it's that simple.

I secretly changed the driving recorder in the car.

Cheng Song is having an affair.

from the audio of the driving recorder, they should have been with me during the most intense conflict with my mother-in-law after giving birth.

I sat paralyzed on the ground, feeling that the world had collapsed and that I was in despair.


I cried and asked Cheng Song who that woman was.

Cheng Song was just silent and refused to say anything.

he was protecting her for fear that I would hurt her, just like he did when he protected me.

I was heartbroken and said in despair, "divorce, I will fulfill you."

Cheng Song refused. He said that being with the other woman was just to relieve the pressure.

I asked him why he did this to me. What was so good about that woman?

Cheng Song said:

"you revolve around the kids all day, and you always say that my mother is not good.

I am under a lot of pressure at work and depressed at heart. When I came back from work, I was very annoyed when you said that. But I can't tell you, I know it's not easy for you to raise a baby, and she understands me. "

I suddenly don't know what to say.

when a person changes his heart and no longer loves you, there is no point in what you say or do.

I look at this man, the man who once gave me the sun, the moon and the stars, and the man who promised me a long life together. I really love him, and I really don't want to give up.

I said, "Let's all try to change and live a good life, okay?"

Cheng Song said, "OK, just give me some time, and I'll take care of it as soon as possible."

I said I would wait for him with the child.

Yes, at that time, I didn't want the family to fall apart.


I had a hard time in those days.

once the mirror of trust is broken, it is difficult to restore.

Cheng Song came back a little later, and I had butterflies in my stomach. I held the baby in my arms and waited nervously for him to get off work.

because I was absent-minded, I burned my hand while cooking.

as soon as Cheng Song's cell phone rings, my spirit is very nervous.

at night, I can't sleep at all, and my mind is full of what we used to be.

the wound is as deep as the beautiful memories. It was dark and bright, and the pillows were dry and wet.

I feel almost neurotic.

Cheng Song was also very depressed. He said, "on National Day, we go out."Go on a trip and have a rest. "

I agreed.

I look forward to this trip as a turnaround so that I can really let it go.


on October 5th, Cheng Song took my daughter and me to Nanning.

there are a lot of cars on the road, and the highway service area is full of bustling people. Everyone is in high spirits and the festive atmosphere is very strong.

We recall the past and try to cover up the pain.

as he approached his destination, Cheng Song's cell phone rang. He looked at the number, looked flustered and hung up.

I know. It's that woman. I finally calmed down and my heart trembled again.

outside the window, there is an endless green. The sun falls into the car, half bright, half fruity.

my heart has hit rock bottom again.

I don't understand why they haven't broken after more than a month.

the temperature in the car suddenly dropped to freezing point, and no one spoke any more.


after arriving at the hotel, Cheng Song's friend came to pick us up.

I dried my tears and greeted everyone with a forced smile.

Cheng Song is so loving in front of his friends that he is always his wife.

Cheng Song's friends teased us that they had been married for so long and still loved each other as if they were newlyweds.

I find it ironic that love has long fallen into a cliff.

after dinner, Cheng Song sent us back and said he wanted to have some more wine with his friends.

I said magnanimously, "go ahead, drink less and pay attention to your health."

my friend and I helped him to bed, took off his shoes and covered himself with quilts.

I looked at Cheng Song, who was very drunk, and finally couldn't help looking at his mobile phone.

there was nothing to chat on Wechat, and all the records were deleted clean.

I joined his circle of friends. There is a status in it, which is visible only to the mistress.

it says: I'm not here for a holiday, I'm here for a showdown.

my eyes were so dark that I almost fainted.


I trembled and entered the circle of friends of the other woman.

her avatar is a picture of her hands crossed. And one of the hands, I am very familiar with, that is Cheng Song's hand.

I slowly flipped through her moments and there were many photos showing love.

one was released the night I found evidence of Cheng Song's affair. Cheng Song said he was going to explain the situation to the other woman, so I let him out the door.

in fact, my dear husband didn't say anything about breaking up at all, but went on a sweet date.

I logged into the business hall of China Mobile again. Cheng Song's phone records are all the same number.

everything is a lie.

my heart is bleeding, and I can't watch it anymore. All grief turns to hatred.

I hate why they hurt me again and again, I am kind enough, why is it still the same result.

I want to cry, but I don't have a tear. The real sadness is silent, no sorrow is greater than the death of the heart.

Cheng Song on the bed is still that handsome face, but I only have disgust.

I want revenge and make everything public.