I made a video number for the creator.

I made a video number for the creator.

A new attempt.

but it is said that it is "made", but it is actually only a very short video with a length of one and a half minutes.

because we don't know what "good" is, we make it short before we are not sure whether it is good or not, so as not to make it smelly and long.

then why do you want this number?

this time, the theme of my account is extremely clear, which is to serve this group of creators who often send out resumes randomly.

so I wondered if there was a more efficient or even "advanced" way of communication that would give me the opportunity to communicate with creators who like clutter.

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but I don't know how long and how deep this account will last.

and I will guarantee that my output on this account must be sincere, and I even hope that I will become your experimental subject. Through this video number, let more creators who are "just in touch with creation" know that "doing an account" is done in this way.

Thank you for a minute and a half.