I didn't do anything, but I was still tired.

I didn't do anything, but I was still tired.

Instead of thinking so much, you might as well solve it.

is not because of laziness. After all, I took an active part in the topic selection meeting every week. After the article was written, I looked all over the koala Liu Bai and even the thorns and asked them to give advice.

I was in a daze while waiting for my computer to turn on. The koala sitting opposite asked, "you don't look good lately?"

until I looked down and saw the page of the rental group on the phone, the latest reply to the post was: sorry, it's not appropriate.

the cause of this is that the friend who rented with her because the job assigned to her by her family is too far from where we live now, and in the third month after we moved into the new house, she proposed to me the decision that she wanted to move out.

after all, her working time is nine o'clock, it takes ten minutes to walk from her shared place to the subway station, and then she has to change to the subway three times during the morning rush hour.

but in fact, it only took me a week to show people the house, sign a sublease, find a new home and move in.

koalas indicate that they don't quite understand.

the essence of emotional labor is the emotional regulation behavior carried out by individuals according to the changes of organization, environment and management goals. Emotion regulation is divided into surface regulation and deep regulation.

Surface regulation is actually emotional camouflage.

Deep regulation is actually self-hypnosis.

what makes me feel "so tired" is not only to spend all my energy on "feeling aggrieved" and "worrying about the future", but also repeated jumps in emotional camouflage and self-hypnosis.

that's why I feel physically weak, mentally poor, and unable to do anything.

I froze, desperately remembering what happened yesterday.

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