Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing announced their new identities, and finally, their ambitions could no longer be hidden.

Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing announced their new identities, and finally, their ambitions could no longer be hidden.

May you also meet a supportive partner and spend the rest of your life together.

was sweet again by Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang.

on December 20, Fok Qigang was elected a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council with 195 votes.

after the results came out, Guo Jingjing went on stage and sent a bouquet of vegetable flowers to congratulate her.

in an interview with reporters, Huo Qigang said:

"many candidates received flowers, but Guo Jingjing sent food, mainly to promote environmental awareness."

he also joked and used these dishes to cook hot pot when he got home.

in front of the camera, the two men bent their eyebrows with laughter.

speaking, Guo Jingjing played an important role in Huo Qigang's election.

as early as when she signed up for the election, Guo Jingjing always accompanied and supported her. Facing the reporter's camera, she said:

"I am very supportive of him and I am sure he can do better."

before marriage, Guo Jingjing focused on diving, and Huo Qigang followed and supported all the way.

after marriage, Huo Qigang advanced all the way in his career, and Guo Jingjing also did his best to help.

husband and wife cooperate with each other and go hand in hand, which is enviable.

after 17 years of acquaintance and 9 years of marriage, Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang proved with their feelings:

A high-quality marriage has nothing to do with family background, but mutual support.

A supportive marriage is the real harbor and the everlasting protection.

Freedom in marriage

because of compromise and tolerance between the two sides

in psychology, there is a term called supportive partner.

some people's explanation for this is:

"A good, expectable love needs not unequal sacrifice and tolerance, but equal support and company."

the relationship between husband and wife is a relationship of equality and cooperation, and neither is a vassal of each other.

you don't need the sacrifice of one side to complete the other.

the most comfortable relationship is to share, support and rely on each other.

Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang have always been like this.

after getting married, Guo Jingjing never changed herself because of her so-called status as a wealthy family.

she still buys clothes at the street stall, ties a leather rope for 20 cents, and carries an inexpensive bag.

every time it is photographed, it is a simple costume.

Huo Qigang, who has lived as a son since he was a child, has never lost face.

on the contrary, he lives a frugal life together.

in terms of family and career balance, the two cooperate with each other

Huo Qigang was busy with his career, and Guo Jingjing took on the important task of taking care of the family and children.

Guo Jingjing had her own work to do, so Huo Qigang returned to his family to support his wife's career.

in their marriage, there is no distinction between "men dominate the outside and women dominate the interior".

share family affairs together; in personal career, go hand in hand.

not as much as you pay, I pay less care, resentment, only a tacit understanding.

as a result, their selves are very complete.

Guo Jingjing is not bound by the status of a wealthy family, nor is she overwhelmed by the title of Mrs. Huo.

Huo Qigang did not consume the halo of Guo Jingjing's Olympic champion, but gained respect through career pursuit.

not only is the family happy, but it also sparkles in their respective fields.

there is no occupation, no control, no interference in their marriage.

there is only respect, support and understanding.

if I rush to the front, you stick to the rear; if you want to fly, I'll take care of the family.

they are each other's strongest backing, defending each other all the way.

Bad marriage is the grave, bondage and yoke of love.

A good marriage gives you the freedom to be yourself with compromise and tolerance.

supportive marriages

is the support of sleepy moment

A truly long-term couple has not only love for each other, but also friendship like a comrade-in-arms.

be your support when you are most helpless and desperate.

A man named Xu Zhili in Hunan fell in love with his girlfriend Huang Cuiyun at first sight when he was young.

after spending two months together, they went back to their hometown for the wedding.

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unexpectedly, she was caught in a car accident on the road and her life was saved, but her girlfriend was paralyzed in the lower body.

everyone thinks that Xu Zhili will abandon his girlfriend.

as a result, Xu Zhili took his girlfriend home and took care of her for 26 years.

during the past 26 years, many relatives and friends advised him to find another one, but he was unmoved.

Huang Cuiyun had a good time under his care.

every time Huang Cuiyun is in a bad mood, Xu Zhili patiently appeases and soothes him.

although there were times when he was very tired and irritable, Xu Zhili never regretted it. He said:

"my wife often feels that I am involved, and I work with my wife.

it is said that if I don't want my wife and find someone else, it may not be better, or even worse.

I assured her that I would take care of her anyway. "

it is said that husband and wife are flying separately in the face of disaster, but he has been taking care of his wife for decades.

the belief that responsibility and misfortune depend on each other is too admirable.

it is lucky and luxurious to meet a partner who can live and die together.

butIf we can get the support and understanding of our partner, we can also get healing.

Fu Seoul once said that a good partner can heal the wounds of the original family.

having experienced a lonely and poor childhood, she is inferiority complex, sensitive and prickly.

her husband Lao Liu accepted one by one and understood her fragility and camouflage.

when recording "Strange Story", Fu Seoul was so stressed that he collapsed and wanted to give up.

everyone around her advised her to stick to it.

only Lao Liu said that giving up is no big deal.

the next day, Lao Liu took a high-speed train to the show and took Fu Seoul home with a bouquet of flowers.

those difficult moments, those fragile moments, those desperate moments.

Lao Liu is by her side, giving unconditional support and encouragement.

although outsiders think how inappropriate their marriage is, Fu Seoul said:

"the world has been kind to me, but fortunately it has given you to me."

the foundation of marriage is love, but it must also be the support of each other's backbone so that it will not collapse.

the support of your partner is the best medicine for getting out of the darkest moments of life.

with support, there is a shoulder to lean on and down-to-earth love.

marriages that support each other

all know how to look into the distance together

teacher Zhou Guoping once said:

"Marriage is not only about embracing and accepting each other's all, but also about changing and growing together with marriage."

the ups and downs of marriage often have nothing to do with right or wrong, but at a different pace.

gradually, under the erosion of time, we parted ways.

I have a friend who sent me a message the other day saying that he couldn't hold on any longer and wanted a divorce.

she said:

"I have been trying to move forward for so many years, but he has stood still and really can't pull."

I probably know something about my friends.

A few years ago, she started a business with her husband and opened an art training institution.

recruiting students, socializing, and pulling orders are all done by friends themselves.

the husband is gluttonous and lazy and does not want to make progress.

make little contribution to work, don't worry about family affairs, and friends take care of everything.

in the past two years, the general environment is not good, it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit students, and the business situation is worrying.

instead of trying to help, the husband indulged in gambling and lost all their savings.

friends are moving forward, and the husband not only stays where he is, but also drags his feet.

this year, the two men escalated, quarreled frequently, and their marriage became in jeopardy.

Marriage is like a marathon, if one person is far ahead, the other is far behind and dragging down the other.

then, there will be grudges and complaints between each other, and marriage will turn red.

only couples who grow up can reflect each other and go farther and farther away.

Carina Lau once posted a sentence on Weibo, which I think is quite right:

"True love is not gazing at each other, but gazing together in the same direction."

move forward hand in hand, achieve the same goal, and grow together, so that the relationship can be sublimated with time.

Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing have always been like this.

Huo Qigang has been steady in his career, and Guo Jingjing has never given up his career.

A few days ago, Guo Jingjing posted an article on social media announcing her identity as a "science dreamer" in the Great Bay area.

she said:

"many people wonder, what am I doing after I retire?

there is not only one field in life. No matter in the diving field or in the new field of life, I have dreams and keep chasing dreams. "

No matter how powerful love is, it cannot support a marriage.

only by moving forward with equal strength can we nourish each other.

I saw an interview on the Internet with five couples who were married for their 50th anniversary.

when they ask: what is the secret of a long marriage?

A couple replied:

"if two people don't support each other and take care of each other, it's hard to go on."

another old man smiled and said:

"is that you do something for me, and I do some piecemeal things for you."

the word "I do" at the wedding is a promise, but the marriage is long.

whether we can go through the following years together or not, the key lies in whether we can support each other.

is not only a life support, but also a spiritual support.

is the common growth, but also the determination to face the wind and rain hand in hand.

likes a passage by writer Liu Na very much:

"Marriage is about seeking common ground while reserving differences, not excluding dissidents.

Family is a haven of healing, not a battlefield of fighting.

We, and our loved ones, have changed before we know it.