Here comes a melon bigger than Wang Leehom! Netizen: she was banned, it is not worthy of sympathy at all!

Here comes a melon bigger than Wang Leehom! Netizen: she was banned, it is not worthy of sympathy at all!

Justice is late, but never absent.

the latest response of Leehom Wang has not been warmed up yet, and Weiya has failed again.

# Weiya was recovered and fined 1.341 billion yuan for tax evasion #

came out, I was shocked!

the official media will announce it in person!

sure enough, at the end of the year, KPI is being rushed everywhere.

however, is your base in the live broadcasting industry a little too high?

1.341 billion!

what is the concept?

in the words of netizens, it is: I have never seen so many in my life.

A fine, how many people's daydreams have been punished?

it is no exaggeration to say that the whole family may not have been able to earn so much money since the beginning of Pangu.

netizens' remarks reveal a trace of chill in their self-mockery.

the warm, confident and sunny woman, Via, really let everyone down this time.

as soon as the matter was revealed, the uncle rushed to Weiya's Weibo and studio to wait for a response.

No accident, the bottom is "cool":

before long, Via, who has always been a "big woman", took the initiative to send a letter of apology, saying:

"wrong is wrong, and I am willing to bear all the consequences for my mistake!"

this move did not allay the anger of netizens, but was resented by the new world:

did you find out? Don't you notice it when you collect money? What have you been doing?

Why do you need the police if an apology is useful?

thanks to my trust in you, I often buy things on your live broadcast.

the live broadcast of the Via make-up Festival, originally scheduled for 7 o'clock tonight, was also cancelled because of this "scandal".

as a matter of fact, this is not the first time that Via has turned over.

someone bought fruit to help farmers in her studio, but the fruit was very disappointing in terms of taste and quality, so she threw the pot directly to the logistics.

someone bought a moldy "self-high pot", and she had no response except to refund the product fee of 23.3 yuan.

earlier, when she sold fake Superme co-branded goods in the studio, she was questioned by fans that they were counterfeit goods. She also quickly applied for a refund for consumers without returning the goods, but refused to admit to selling fake goods and did not publicly apologize.

Via got on the express train with goods live; within a few years, she made a lot of money.

the amount of tax evasion alone has reached more than 600 billion.

even the old three Sydney and unknown Lin Shanshan were found to have been fined a total of about 100 million for tax evasion.

Live selling this bowl of soup, it is not just Internet celebrities who want to share.

the actor Shu Chang, dressed in ancient costumes, is already a businessman.

the goddess stepped down from the altar to bargain with merchants in order to "give benefits" to fans:

usually thousands of gold ornaments, for the sake of comfort, only need double digits, only 100!

under one song and one tune, the linked goods are snapped up.

but a few days later, the gold ring became an iron ring, but there was no way to resort to it.

but what about Shu Chang himself? Continue to sell double-digit gold, 9.9 yuan of some big-name lipstick, firmly sitting on the star with goods on the list of the first place.

the live broadcast of these stars is an eye-opener to my uncle.

do you still remember Xie Mengwei, who plays Gazi in Xiao Bing Zhang Jia? Simple and honest image, so that Gazi successfully transformed from an actor to a person with goods.

one mouthful of a "family", a wave of bargaining gifts, who did not praise his "generous true temperament".

two cases of "Maotai" will be sent to one case of "Wuliangye". The original price is 2999 yuan a bottle, and the price is directly reduced to 400 yuan a case.

"how much did Gazi sacrifice herself in order to benefit her family?"

just when consumers were moved by brother Gazi, the live studio was banned, and high-end wine was pointed out to be branded inferior wine.

Gazi began to sell badly.

in a live broadcast of Pan Changjiang, teacher Pan tried his best to persuade him, and Gazi burst into tears to admit his mistake.

is worthy of the veteran artist Pan Changjiang. The pattern of his speech is different:

"is not just to earn w (money)? Do you need w (money)? "

"everything on the Internet is virtual. I'm afraid you can't grasp it, son. The water here is very deep."

it was extremely sincere, not to mention that Gazi was out of breath, and my uncle was moved.

who knows, Mr. Pan Changjiang turned around and went straight into the winery.

"123! Friends who don't pay, hurry up to pay! "

familiar words, familiar tricks, and familiar branded wine.

the front foot is full of "Don't be blinded by money", and the rear foot closes your eyes. "that's all about the gold sale."

what you play with is bigger than Gazi.

the price is even more outrageous than Gazi.

Uncle can be regarded as knowledgeable about what is meant by "money makes ghosts go around".

it's not shameful for stars to sell goods, but what's going on while patting on the chest and deceiving consumers with defective products?

Chen Yiru claimed to be "authentic" lipstick in the studio, which was identified by a consumer and turned out to be a fake.

consumers want to return the goods, but they are rejected by customer service, and the ball is kicked to Chen Yiru here.

A big playHere we go.

"you can't do this, Chen Yiru!"

with the shouts of the staff, Chen Yiru collapsed and burst into tears in front of the camera.

it can be said that acting is at its peak

but do you think he has a conscience and apologizes sincerely?

the next second, he wiped his red eyes and began to speak fluently:

"We have more than 100,000 orders in the studio every day, and there will always be a little oversight. I am an economics major and I am very sensitive to numbers. I work so hard every day to make everyone happy and work for their welfare. Let everyone know that my performance-to-price ratio between live broadcasts is really high."

one sentence summary:

I have put my heart into it. Please continue to spend money in my studio.

they are happy to concoct one plot after another, just to pull consumers into the hole.

but not a word about the quality of the goods.

It is such a dream to be able to find just the right black sequin prom dresses for that special event. You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

the sickle is so fast that they forget the identity of their public figures.

the muddy waters of live streaming with goods are getting deeper and deeper.

"a bottle of dissatisfaction, half a bottle sloshing", used to describe today's live broadcast with goods is more appropriate!

the barriers to entry are so low that maggots are infested frequently, and "not being corrupted" is a big joke in the world.

No wonder netizens send out such feelings....

the live broadcast of the first sister and popular star is so arrogant under the attention of the whole network, I really don't know what the underwater scene will be like.

in this regard, in addition to anger, uncle is more distressed!

as a person, anyone with a conscience should know that it is impossible to "sell fake goods", let alone do whatever it takes to make money.

ask yourself, do you really need those taels of broken silver?

maybe, I just don't have a heart.

but a gentleman loves to take money wisely, and what does not belong to you, no matter how well hidden, it will sooner or later be taken back in a more embarrassing way.

is it worth it?

when the incident happened, you also repented.

but there is no medicine for regret in this world, only the blade of justice!

if you take a chance, there will always be only one result.

after all, justice is late, but never absent.

I hope Li Jiaqi will be able to operate honestly and live live in the future, as the company responded.

only by keeping social responsibility in mind can we have the last laugh!