Four years ago, he frozen his dead wife and agreed to meet again 30 years later, but now he has a new love.

Four years ago, he frozen his dead wife and agreed to meet again 30 years later, but now he has a new love.

Ten thousand years is too long to seize the day.

Gui Junmin is a very affectionate man.

if you want to talk about his affection, you must first talk about the "death" of his wife Zhan Wenlian.

in the spring of 2015, Zhan Wenlian was found to be suffering from advanced lung cancer.

within two years of being diagnosed, Zhan Wenlian has changed from a lively and healthy woman to a patient who needs to rely on drugs to support her life in bed.

this sudden illness pains his wife Zhan Wenlian, but pains her husband Gui Junmin.

think of Zhan Wenlian's hard work for most of her life, and before she can enjoy her happiness, she will be killed by cancer. How can the Gui army and people be reconciled?

maybe the prayers of the Gui army and people are too pious. When Zhan Wenlian's life entered the countdown, the director of the department of the hospital found Gui Junmin.

he asked him:

"whether you are interested in 'cryonics'."

the narration of "cryonics" and "death" by doctors and freezing companies thoroughly moved and convinced Gui Junmin that he did not want Zhan Wenlian to disappear, he wanted her to be a hope--

A hope that it may be resurrected in the future.

so, after several detailed investigations at the Academy of Sciences, Gui Junmin told Zhan Wenlian about the "cryonics technology" and promised her affectionately:

"this time you are very ill. Why don't I find you a place where you can have a sleep and meet again when the medical development can cure this kind of cancer?"

"agreed to accompany me for the rest of my life, this time I don't count you running away. Bing, you have a short nap. I have conditions. When I call you, you must wake up. Don't pretend to sleep for me then. Maybe I'll be an old man at that time. I'll call you, don't you don't know me. "

Zhan Wen Lian heard the gentle whispers of Gui's army and people.

in tears, she grabbed her husband's hand and agreed.

early morning on May 8, 2017.

Zhan Wenlian died of cancer, but she was "alive" in another way.

after Zhan Wenlian's clinical death, she was given "first aid measures".

access to cardiopulmonary resuscitation apparatus, overall cooling to ensure cell survival, freezing the body, head up and foot down, put into minus 196 ℃, the volume of 2000 liters of liquid nitrogen tank. Waiting for 30 years to be resurrected and cured by possible new technologies.

in this way, Zhan Wenlian became the first person in our country to undergo "whole body cryosurgery".

but in the eyes of her husband Gui Junmin, Zhan Wenlian is not the first case of freezing, she is still his favorite wife, she just fell asleep:

"We don't think this is so great or noble, we just want to continue our love. As for whether she is the first case in China or the first case in Asia, that has nothing to do with me, she is just my relative, just this one."

this continuation is two years.

in these two years, whenever Gui Junmin had time, he would go to see his wife Zhan Wenlian, and every time they went, they would play her favorite song "I only care about you" to her wife:

"No matter how the time flies, I only care about you, and I am willing to infect your breath. It is not a pity that I can get a bosom friend in life, and it is not a pity to lose the power of life."

this is not only a song, but also the voice of the Gui army and people.

such a voice, moved a lot of people, so that many people almost believe that perhaps there is really love, can transcend life and death, to eternity.

Why is it a handicap?

because M á rquez told us in A hundred years of Solitude:

what cannot be recovered this time is precisely the deep feeling that the Gui army and people are proud of.

two years after Zhan Wenlian was frozen, Li Shu interviewed Gui Junmin in a variety show.

at that time, he was so careful that he was afraid of touching the wounds of the Gui army and people.

and in the interview, he said this sentence:

"listening to his story, human joys and sorrows are still the same, not so desperate, not so lonely."

Li Xia is right that the Gui army and people are not desperate, nor are they lonely.

there are people around him who accompany him.

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in the fourth year that his wife Zhan Wenlian became a "frozen man," Gui Junmin had a new partner.

this companion, introduced by Gui Junmin students, will come to take care of Gui Junmin every once in a while, and the two are still in the running-in stage.

even though he has started a new life and has a new partner, Gui Junmin still thinks that he and his new partner are just "partnering" to live.

and when someone asked how to face this new partner if Zhan Wenlian wakes up in the future, Gui Junmin replied:

"I may marry again in the future, but my new partner must understand me and accept my attachment to the previous relationship. And let the future be left to the future. "

I have to say that Gui Junmin is a person who is very good at speaking, but not good at doing.

he and Zhan Wenlian met and fell in love with each other when they were young and agreed to live for life.

and all this, but during the four-year period of playing command.

what he did not only betrayed his promised wife, but also put his new partner in an awkward position.

such affection is not like love words, but like a joke.

the story of Gui Junmin and Zhan Wenlian, let meI think of a poem told by my teacher when I was a student.

is "facing the sea, spring blossoms" from Haizi:

"from tomorrow, be a happy person.

feed horses, chop wood and travel around the world.

from tomorrow, care about food and vegetables.

I have a house that faces the sea and blossoms in spring.

from tomorrow, write to every relative.

tell them my happiness.

what the happy lightning told me, I will tell everyone. "

isn't it beautiful to travel around the world, the sea and the flowers?

but such beauty is all based on tomorrow.

when I was young, I was not sensible. I always thought that people would have countless tomorrows.

it is only when we grow up that we know that there will be not only tomorrow, but also accidents and countless changes that we cannot predict.

those who pin all their hopes on tomorrow and promise you the future are just making excuses for today.

like the army and the people of Guangxi.

it is undeniable that over the past few decades with Zhan Wenlian, he has done his husband's duty.

so why is he criticized after his wife died of illness?

so I slapped myself the loudest in the face.

No wonder some people compare him to the second Lin Shengbin, who can only eat the fruit he has planted.

, forward this article to the people around you.

Let them know that whether it is a man or a woman, if TA really loves you, she will not make an appointment with you for tomorrow.

the same sentence:

"Ten thousand years is too long to seize the day."