For the rest of my life, marry the one who loves you.

For the rest of my life, marry the one who loves you.

A person who loves you will love you and put love into action.

people say: "Marriage is a gorgeous cheongsam covered with lice."

the reason why marriage hides unspeakable bitterness and bitterness is that many men do not understand a woman's heart and do not know how to express love.

in the eyes of many men, marriage means living without love.

but in fact, love in marriage is not in words, but in actions.

Love alone is not enough in marriage

some time ago, an online video of "20-year divorced couples saying goodbye in tears" went viral.

in the video, the man cries while walking and says:

"We haven't been like this together for many years. I hope you take care of yourself in the future. I finally say that I love you, I let you go, and I won't say anything else. "

the woman just wept silently.

comments on the following video are varied:

"Why divorce if you are in love?"

"Men just move their mouths. Women don't say a word. They know their grievances. When people are middle-aged, no one wants to divorce."

among the many comments, there is one argument that is highly praised:

"the love of many men is self-righteous love, not the love that women can feel. After 20 years, if a woman can feel loved by her husband, how can she get divorced?"

this is true.

in marriage, it is not enough for two people to have love, especially the self-righteous love of men is not feasible.

people who get married are already too old to listen to love. What they want is real thoughtfulness, care, understanding and help.

many men only say they love women in their mouth, but they can't show love in action. Women can't feel love. After a long time, their hearts slowly cool down.

some time ago, my best friend Ann and her husband almost divorced.

the cause is that one day when Ann was off work, it was raining outside, just in time for her menstruation, and her husband was off that day.

so she called her husband to pick her up, but her husband said he was playing mahjong with his friends.

Ann waited for a long time without a car and called her husband again. Her husband didn't think it was urgent and asked her to wait a little longer.

Anan got home late that day, angry and hungry, remembering many little things that had been ignored in the past, which discouraged her and wanted a divorce.

her husband thinks he's not having an affair again, and Ann's divorce because of such a trifle is too much nonsense.

someone once said:

"A man's harm to a woman is not necessarily that he falls in love with someone else, but that he disappoints her when she has something to look forward to and fails to support her when she is vulnerable."

the leaves are not yellow in a day, and the hearts of the people are not cool in a day.

accumulated disappointments over and over again, one day some trivial matter may become the last straw to overwhelm the marriage.

Love is in the details

Ying Caier needs to complete a task when participating in the "wife's romantic trip": blindfold, rely on the feeling of hands and feet, through a net hanging high in the air.

Ying Tsai, who usually looks like a strong girl, was timid in the face of this challenge, stood at the starting point for a long time, dared not move forward, and burst into tears.

Chen Xiaochun, sitting in the studio, stared closely at Caier on the screen and looked at her expression of fear and helplessness. Chen Xiaochun's eyes turned red unconsciously.

but Chen Xiaochun has been holding back tears, although he did not say a word of worry, but the tears in his eyes tell us that he loves his wife.

if he hadn't been sitting in the studio, Chen Xiaochun might have rushed out and hugged his wife.

it is not difficult to see that it is impossible to hide loving someone.

whether a person is sincere to you or not, just look at the details, all the true love is hidden in the details.

an entrepreneur was reported by various websites for designing a sleeping box for his wife.

he said that it is very hard for his wife to be a mother. Since the two had two children, the wife is worried about missing the alarm clock to get up and take care of the children and often can't sleep well.

he loved his wife so much that he tried to solve his wife's troubles.

so he made a "sleeping wooden box" for his wife, which glowed faintly between 6: 00 and 7: 00 in the morning, when his daughter should wake up every day.

because the light emitted is relatively weak, the wife will not be disturbed during sleep.

in this way, when the wife wakes up in the middle of the night, as long as she finds that the sleep box is dark, she does not need to pay special attention to the time, but can continue to sleep and help her sleep peacefully at night.

and this small box works better than he expected, and the wife can sleep well until dawn.

Duras said:

"if a person loves you, there will be love in his eyes. If he does not love you, he will only have desires and demands."

A man who will love you is the one who really holds you in his heart. He will pay attention to everything that happens to you.

A good couple, you tidy up my clothes for me, I will save a hot soup for you, you give me a smile, I will give you a warm word.

when the details are done, the marriage will be better.

the highest state of love is heartache

Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang are recognized as model couples, and Qian Zhongshu is also famous for loving his wife.

Qian Zhongshu is a proper rich second generation. He stretches out his clothes and opens his mouth before marriage, and there is no shortage of people to serve him, which makes himWith dependence in life, he can't tie a bow, can't tell the difference between his left foot and his right foot, and will only grab chopsticks like a child, often sighing that he is "clumsy".

however, Qian Zhongshu began to hurt his wife, but he taught himself without a teacher.

in the book "the three of us", Yang Jiang truly shows her love.

when the two were studying abroad, Yang Jiang stayed up late and didn't want to get up in the morning, so Qian Zhongshu got up early every day to make breakfast for her.

knowing nothing about cooking, he learned to strike matches, boiled eggs, made black tea and baked bread, cooked the meal and brought it to Yang Jiang's bed.

after their marriage, except for some special days, breakfast is made by Qian Zhongshu.

what moved Yang Jiang most was that they didn't have much money at that time, but when Yang Jiang gave birth to a child, he booked the best hospital for Yang Jiang and hired the best doctor. He didn't care how much money he spent.

the day Yang Jiang gave birth to the baby, he walked back and forth from home to the hospital seven times.

because he misses her and knows that she needs him alone in a strange environment.

on his daughter's birthday, Qian Zhongshu always said that it was a difficult day for the mother, and his love and gratitude to his wife were overexpressed.

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in fact, what women want is a man who will feel sorry for herself.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"Love is heartache for no reason."

cherish it because of love. Because I am distressed, I only want to give you the best.

the highest state of love is heartache.

if a woman marries the right person, don't just look at whether the man loves you, but whether he really loves you.

people in marriage must know how warm and cold they are.

most of the time, what keeps a woman is not how much money you have or what kind of material life you give her, but the meticulous care of her by a man.

Love is not a noun, but a verb. You can't just say it and don't do it.

there is a line in the New Age of Love:

"if a person says he likes you, please wait until he takes care of you in every way. If he promises to take you to a place, wait until he has booked a flight ticket. If he says he wants to marry you, wait until he buys a ring and kneels in front of you."

this is true of love, especially marriage.

emotion expert Tu Lei said:

"Marriage is not based on easy talk, but on long-term behavior and giving."

A person who loves you will love you and put his love into action.

he will take good care of you, comfort you, give you support, protect you from the wind and rain when you are vulnerable, and will not make you aggrieved, disappointed and sad.

, for the rest of your life, you must find someone who loves you and loves you, holding hands and sharing white heads.