For a woman who can make trouble, the marriage will not be too bad.

For a woman who can make trouble, the marriage will not be too bad.

The temperature of a family is always controlled by a woman.

Daniel Gorman, a famous American psychologist, once said:

"the temperature of a family is always controlled by women."

those women who are happily married are often not lucky enough to meet a good husband.

instead, they know how to change their tricks and "toss" their husbands just right, adding some seasoning to their marriage, warming the years, and leading a life in full swing.

therefore, the marriage of women who can mess with each other will not be too bad.

the more ceremonial marriage, the happier the marriage

there is a classic line in the American TV series desperate Housewives:

"No matter how tired we are physically and mentally, we must maintain a sense of romance. Formalism is not great, but it is much better than being too lazy to go through the motions."

but in marriage, too many women think that it is enough to pay attention to each other.

netizens have shared their own experiences in dialects.

he said that he often resisted the urge to divorce, and marriage was already boring for him.

it turns out that on weekdays, his wife doesn't like to dress up, and she often changes her clothes when they are worn out, and doesn't surprise him at all.

when he goes on a business trip, he always brings her lipstick, perfume and other gifts, but every time his wife tells him not to spend money.

after carefully planning everything, he expected his wife to pack her bags with joy and go on holiday with him.

but I didn't think that when my wife knew about it, she angrily asked him to cancel the booked air tickets and hotels and take the children home.

also scolded him for not being so extravagant. If he had spare money to go out chic, he might as well hurry up to pay back the mortgage.

he said that at that moment his mood hit rock bottom.

could not understand what his wife meant, and his income was clearly sufficient to support these expenses.

from then on, he was no longer in the mood to surprise his wife, and his life became more and more boring.

host Tu Lei once said: "the longer the marriage, the more need to pick up the sense of ritual, it is the antistaling agent of marriage."

Marriage is two people who love each other, walk into the marriage hall hand in hand, and live together in firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea.

Love will cool down a little bit in daily chores.

only by constantly creating surprises and making marriage full of rituals can love grow hotter and hotter.

Women who toss around always find themselves something interesting to do, fill their life with a sense of ritual, and turn their days into poems.

they don't repeat the same life day after day, year after year.

the more women quarrel, the more intimate the relationship is

in the TV series growing up with you, there is a clip that is still fresh in my memory.

in order to make her marriage happy, Lin Yunyun never dared to argue with her husband or express her inner thoughts.

when the daughter missed an exam in the supernormal class of the training institution, the teacher of the training institution was relegated to an ordinary class.

Lin Yunyun, who was unwilling, could only cry with her husband. Unexpectedly, her husband not only did not stand on the same side with her, but also blamed her for not teaching her children very well.

No matter how many feelings there are in her heart, she can only accept her husband's words silently.

the husband really wanted to have a second child, so he changed his tricks and asked her to have a second child as soon as possible.

and she doesn't want to have a second child, but every time she talks about this topic, she chooses to be quiet and never tell her husband what's on her mind.

but she backed down again and again, not only failed to make the relationship closer and closer, but drifted away.

until once, her husband thought she had spent too much on her credit card in the past few months and began to heckle her.

she, who has long been aggrieved, finally broke out.

she took out her ledger and told her husband that every sum of money she spent was either for the children or for the family.

I thought there would be a big argument between the two, but her husband unexpectedly changed his superior posture and spoke softly to her.

even when Lin Yunyun goes home, he will take the initiative to bring her slippers to pour her water.

actor Xie Nan once said:

"quarrelling is not a bad thing, communication is a gentle boundary, and quarrelling is an efficient bottom line."

when you are young, you always think that a good relationship will not have a dispute, because one party will give in voluntarily.

but as you get older, it is impossible to have a tacit understanding and disagreement with two people who love each other only after more experience.

A good relationship is not that you won't quarrel, but that you have a woman who can quarrel at the right time.

they can always let each other know each other's thoughts and bottom line in the process of quarreling.

as the author Erya said: "the real so-called love for each other is not never quarreling, but always quarreling, but never separated."

Marriage is sometimes like making soup, and women who know how to quarrel are like adding seasoning to the soup to make the soup more flavorful.

onlyQuarrel at the right time, add a little smoke to life, in order to make the relationship more and more intimate.

A woman who can act like a coquettish woman is painful

once saw such a hot question on the Internet:

"what kind of woman is more adorable in marriage?"

among all the answers, "sajiao" appears the most times.

A high praise replied: "every time you are spoiled, your inner desire for protection will be stimulated."

after seeing this answer, I felt sad and remembered that the writer Li Siyuan had shared the story of her neighbor Sister Zhang.

Sister Zhang's husband works in a different place. although the two have been married for many years and get together less and leave more, Sister Zhang's husband holds sister Zhang in the palm of his hand.

it turns out that when Sister Zhang's husband is not at home, she can not only take care of the family, but also repair all kinds of things.

even if you accidentally cut your hand, you can continue to cook lightly.

but as soon as her husband comes home, she needs her husband's help to wash the sheets and her husband's hand to lift the table.

when there are two people, she will also ask her husband to give her a back massage.

but in marriage, not every wife can act as coquettish as Sister Zhang.

many wives think that sajiao is hypocritical, posturing, too hypocritical, and will only make her husband feel disgusted.

instead of acting like a spoiled child, you might as well carry it yourself and let your husband treat him differently.

however, you carry everything by yourself, and you will be tired, epiglottic and tired if you carry it for a long time.

moreover, the husband will be excluded, leaving him without a sense of participation.

there is a classic line in the best fate of a spoiled woman:

"in fact, a man will love a woman all his life, and what matters is not her breasts or her face, but whether the woman will act coquettish and considerate."

most of the time, being coquettish is also adding sweetener to the marriage, so that the marriage is always in the honey jar.

A woman who knows how to act like a spoiled child will always show weakness appropriately and make her husband feel sorry for her.

vintage formal dresses is more than just a sense of charm, but also a flattering silhouette. These collections perfectly match all occasions.

when you are with such a person, you can always feel like a spring breeze.

in a certain program, someone asked the writer Mr. Cai Lan, "what is the most valuable quality of a girl?"

Mr. Cai Lan replied, "naughty."

Mr. Cai Lan's mischief is actually a kind of coquettish behavior.

learning to ask for help in a coquettish manner will not make your husband feel coy, but will make him feel needed and make him love you more.

showing weakness and acting coquettish is the antistaling agent of eternal love and the adhesive of marriage.

the rest of my life is very long. Learn to act coquettish at the right time, let the other party love you more and more, and let the marriage last forever.

Mr. Yang Jiang said:

later we learned that those who are good-tempered are angry, those who are considerate are considerate, those who can take care of people are left alone, those who cry and make trouble have candy to eat, and those who are sensible will not be distressed.

the same is true in marriage.

A happy marriage has a wife who can toss about.

A small toss is suitable for emotion, but a big toss is easy to hurt.

No matter how deep the feelings are and how much they love each other, they can't stand the unrestrained twists and turns.

not knowing how to handle things properly will not only make your heart tired, but also make your feelings fall apart.

only, know how to judge the hour and size up the situation, just right toss about.

in order to enhance each other's feelings, without annoying each other.

there is a long way to go in your life. May you become a troubled woman in the Ashram of marriage and make your marriage hot.

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