Don't worry, we're almost there.

Don't worry, we're almost there.

One for four years.

it has been almost 4 years.

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for example, when we were still in Dongguan in 17 years, Zhang Jingshi and I often posted articles on messy posts and chatted with you.

We are both anxious because we don't know the way.

four years later, although I still get carsick easily, my temper is much better, but we really don't chat with you on this platform as often as we did then.

I asked again, does anyone know who I am? Not many people raised their hands.

on the way back, the thorns casually mentioned, "I didn't expect that so many people don't know us now."

he nodded: "that's right."

Vitasoy, at least in 2015.

for example, no matter how far you go, people will always face one bottleneck after another.

after that, I talked to a lot of different people, read a lot of books about management, and did some things I didn't like so much but had to do.

I think of 17 years when I was too tired to write, and I was always scolded.

19 years is fine, because I work hard, so I don't have time to worry.

apart from the fact that "always wander in failure and survive step by step", I really can't think of anything that remains the same.

when Liu Bai came to ask for a manuscript last week, I actually thought of what to write very quickly.

speaking of Liu Bai, she was just one of our readers four years ago.

she asked, "I sent my resume and wanted to ask if I had it."

then I can't help thinking about how I got into this business in the first place. The only advantage of

is "clarity". I know clearly that I am not good enough, but I clearly know that I just like to create. I just want to see if I can make a living by writing.

I have to write and try to survive at the same time.

the only advantage seems to be "clearer".

in fact, people are like this a lot of times.

on my way to Huanong this year, I fainted again.

I said, "because I know the way."

"Don't be afraid, we're almost there."