"because I ate one more dumpling, I found that my husband was having an affair."

"because I ate one more dumpling, I found that my husband was having an affair."

The sun always rises, life goes on, and no one can live without it.

White Orchid Michelia

backstage often receives messages from many fans.

some people share their emotional experiences, some people have just experienced some setbacks, and some younger fans.

I encountered some troubles in the process of growing up. I didn't want to talk to my parents and classmates. I chose to talk to me. I'm glad you can trust me.

fan Cheng Cheng is one of them.

her husband's job is very mediocre. After giving birth to a child, the family's expenses are getting higher and higher. She is reluctant to let her husband work hard alone when she resigns at home. She plans to cultivate herself for half a month and look for a new job.

but she has been out of touch with society for a long time, and the contacts she has accumulated before can no longer be used. in desperation, she discussed with her husband and wanted him to talk to her clients to see if there was any job she could introduce.

my husband not only didn't pay attention to it, but said strangely:

"if you haven't been out for so long and are fatter than before, I'm embarrassed to take you out."

when Cheng Cheng got angry, he quarreled with her husband several times, and finally he reluctantly agreed:

"Let's have a meal. Can you find a chance to talk to others yourself? tomorrow I'll buy you a new dress to cover your fat."

I remember Cheng Cheng said to me at that time, "this is the first time he has bought me new clothes since I was pregnant." My mother bought me all my maternity clothes. "

before she went to see the client the next day, her husband told her: "dress up and don't embarrass me in front of outsiders."

although he was very dissatisfied, Cheng Cheng put up with it in order to find a job.

Do you want to shop cheap bridesmaid dresses to appear delightfully charming and bring your figure clearly? Find a design that is perfect for you, they will bring a whole new level to your wardrobe.

saw the customer, greeted a few words, everyone took turns to order, Cheng Cheng likes to eat dumplings, so ordered a plate.

her husband quietly sent her Wechat under the table: "you eat so much, order dumplings and eat less, five will be fine." It's a shame to eat too much. "

Cheng Cheng glanced at his mobile phone and ignored him.

because the previous work was in line with the client's requirements, we chatted very well with each other, but my husband didn't say a word and was left alone.

is saying happy, her cell phone rang, a look is her husband called. When I turned around, my husband was no longer on the table. I wanted to go out and make a phone call.

as soon as she got through, she heard her husband gnash his teeth and say:

"Let you eat five dumplings, but you eat six, you do not see how fat you still eat, is not ashamed? I'll save you face in front of the client, and we'll talk about it when we get home. "

Cheng Cheng was puzzled. He just ate one more dumpling, and the client would not refuse to give me a job because of my large appetite.

after returning home, my husband pointed at her nose and scolded her, saying what was bad, from figure to food, from appearance to clothing. I had never seen him so hysterical.

Cheng Cheng thought he heard wrong, but her husband used the excuse of calming down and smoking on the balcony.

Cheng Cheng was in a daze in the room when she heard her husband on the phone:

"I'm about to leave. I feel sick when I see the fat on her belly. How can I compare with you?"

for a moment, she remembered her husband's attitude since she was pregnant:

as soon as he had cooked a dish, he picked up all the meat inside and left none for her.

he couldn't stand up. He closed the door and made a phone call without even a warm word.

in fact, all breakups are not impromptu. Do not love, tired, have a new love, do not want to say directly, just afraid of their own face is not good-looking just.

later, Cheng Cheng went to a lawyer, got his own property, and left the man who despised her in every way.

I think that a good marriage is not for you to endure. I endure it until the day I can't stand it, full of grievances, go their separate ways;

but two people pay together, take care of each other, and be able to fall in love with each other again and again in the long future.

Love brings men and women together, while the ability to manage and maintain relationships makes it less easy to separate from each other, and, therefore, finding a way to get along with each other can make a qualitative leap in marriage.

when we are alive, there is always something we can do nothing about: the passage of time, the unchosen birth, the sudden loneliness, and those who have left us.

the sun always rises, life goes on, and no one can live without it.

not everyone can stand in place and wait for you after you regret it, and not everyone can choose to let bygones be bygones after being hurt.

you should pay attention to your body and exercise regularly; read more books, keep on studying, keep your body and mind from getting sick, and be gentle with those who are important in your life.

when you become plump and excellent, you will naturally have the right people to meet you. The wrong people will get separated sooner or later, and the ones they love will eventually meet.

I wish you all happiness.There is no need to pretend; may you enjoy your life and be sincere and kind.