Ambiguity requires a "cooling-off period".

Ambiguity requires a "cooling-off period".

The purpose of ambiguity is not "together".

while we were booing, Lin took the milk tea from the takeout boy and explained in a low voice.

We asked her, what do you think of that boy?

she first said that the two had not long known each other and were still getting to know each other, but she soon told me vividly about the boy:

"he would say good morning and good night to me every day, knowing that I have a sweet tooth. I often buy milk tea cakes for me, rain will come to pick me up, and always tell jokes to amuse me."

sure enough, one night soon after, we browsed into her official moments.

in the photo, Lin holds a bouquet of roses in his hand and smiles brightly on the boy's shoulder.

the caption is that a relationship must start with a bouquet of flowers.

since Lin Guanxuan, the frequency of her posting on moments has increased rapidly.

whether it is a gift brought by a boy or a photo taken for a walk after dinner, she will attach a copy that looks very everyday, but in fact every word smells of love, she will post it on her moments.

several of our colleagues made fun of her:

"it's almost five shifts a day. How much bonus do you have to get if you put this efficiency on the job?"

this is also the beginning of her love

fortunately, Lin is a girl who will wake up soon. After

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, she decisively cut off the boys, found two other girls who were still in the dark, told them all about the boys, and quickly moved to a new place.

for a month, we were together for two months, and it only took three days to break up and leave.

she said: "this lyrics made me understand that ambiguity also needs a cooling-off period."

I have had a similar experience, and I understand what she means:

compared to the atmosphere, hormones come up, alcohol comes up, and it's time to kiss;

when the impulse fades and calmly thinks, reason triumphs over emotion, and can seriously say the sentence "Let's be together".

the latter is rarer and more meaningful in any way.

is a sentence that comes from the bottom of my heart:

"I've really thought about it."