After my ex fell in love, I finally deleted him.

After my ex fell in love, I finally deleted him.

The rest will be left to time.

but I'd rather he just pretend not to see me.

because in my understanding, ordinary friends are common because they are not important and don't care, whether they have you or not.

I looked back at their figure: the girl was almost a head shorter than him, and standing with him was the "best height difference" between lovers. Their hands and fingers were interlocked and they looked up and down as they spoke. It's really a beautiful picture.

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so I opened my Wechat address book, found him in my star friends, and deleted my friends.

maybe it's because it's too peaceful, or maybe it's because we haven't met again, and we can still get along as "good friends" after we break up:

when we are picked up to answer questions in class, we complain to each other;

it's like we haven't broken up.

before entering the song, the last sentence of Lin Erwen's monologue was: "this song is for the incumbent."

but it still gives me the illusion that we will be together after all.

and I was really immersed in the illusion that I wanted to be generous and decent when I ran into my ex, just because I wanted to act like the breakup never happened between us.

none of us said goodbye to each other in this relationship.

I finally understand that he can talk to me like a good friend only because he really let it go.

when I went to listen to the song "you alone is not a substitute", I saw a comment: you'd better delete me, or I always want to talk to you.

continue to scroll down and find that the album to which this song belongs is called

the fact is that some parting can only happen in a reunion, and only at that moment will you realize that it's time to say goodbye.