After graduation, I found that it is not a shame to like to talk about money.

After graduation, I found that it is not a shame to like to talk about money.

Reality is not a bad thing.

my cousin also graduated this year.

I kind of froze.

I pulled him out of the store.

when you think about it, it's interesting that this sentence will appear in your cousin.

looking at me not talking, my cousin largely guessed what I was thinking. He just replied:

the sunshine of the rental house, the lunch of CBD, the shoes I liked for a long time but didn't place an order on my phone.

it turns out that "reality" is not a derogatory word, but a quantifier.

"so, you come here to work part-time?"

slash youth, a word that is not new, probably refers to a category of people-

"slash" is a protective mechanism that can achieve a variety of combinations in life, and the ability to avoid risks is certainly strong. Without a job, there is another job, at least you can have a living security.

when I was working part-time in college, I had a job of handing out flyers. I was paid 12 yuan an hour, but after only three days, I ran away. Maybe I am a quick learner, and my boss even proposed to raise the hourly salary to 15 yuan, which is comparable to that of regular employees. But I said no.

at that time, I was not fully aware of what "boring" meant.

on the contrary, I prefer to write some clips and articles in the dormitory.

this is "kind of interesting".

to put it simply, it is to associate everything you experience now with everything that happens in the future, and think about whether they will have a positive impact on the future and produce long-term value.

but if you have no plans for this in the future and just want to exchange money per unit of time, then this job will not accumulate long-term value for you.

"actually, I have no objection to you becoming a slash youth, but I hope you can become a long-term slash."

looking at my cousin with a stupefied look in his eyes, I suggest that he start with financial management, because financial management is a long-term thing. Even if you don't have a lot of money in the early stage, you can try to manage money.

it is strange that although we want to make money, we have not been actively exposed to the knowledge of financial management.

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either seeing the income curve plummeting, my heart could not hold back, and I threw it away in a hurry. Others completely follow the trend of investment, do not pay attention to risk control, a full investment, lack of the most basic knowledge.

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match the seeds that suit your investment style according to the results of the risk test. For example, cactus corresponds to robust fund; succulent seed corresponds to balanced value style fund; sunflower seed corresponds to balanced growth style fund.

after completing these steps, you can also get the corresponding red packet to buy a fund that is really suitable for you, and the red packet can deduct the corresponding amount. At this point, for everyone, especially novice users, also took the first step of investment and financial management.

before you really do financial management, you must learn relevant knowledge to avoid risks.