Add some recruitment information of "cannot draw Publishing House"

Add some recruitment information of "cannot draw Publishing House"

Supplementary information

4, it is better to have your favorite work, director or screenwriter;

6. Writers need to go to Guangzhou once a week to participate in offline training.

1. The fee for each article is 1k;

4. Senior editor 10-20k;

2. Have a special idea about telling stories with pictures;

4. Excellent lens separation ability is preferred;

1. The cost of part-time production is 500 per article

3. Illustration 6-10k;

# requirements:

1. Clip rhythm has a sense of network, proficient in using pr or AE;

3. Dubbing ability is preferred;

5. Knowledge of interaction and games is preferred;

6. Have an aesthetic appreciation of good content.

# treatment:

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2. Intern 2k basic salary + 200 per production fee;

4. The length of editing group is 10-20k;

5. Participate in a bonus package with a monthly limit of 10W.

# how do I submit my resume?

2. An analysis and suggestion that you can't draw;

4. Please send the above three to the mailbox:

5. The subject of the email is: can't draw publisher + name + expected post;

7. The deadline for resume is 5.1.