A recruitment before the end of the summer.

A recruitment before the end of the summer.


then, submit your resume & works according to the requirements of the following positions.

1, responsible for short video topic selection, creativity and script content output;

3. Optimize the quality of short video content timely and continuously according to the response of platform users to the content.

2, be good at perceiving the psychological states of young people from daily life, and actively update the quality of content;

4, know how to make short videos, have short video works, and successfully plan and implement popular short videos. Successful experience is preferred.

3. Responsible for collecting and analyzing the content characteristics of perfume account of the whole network, and suggestions for improvement;

salary: 7K-10K.

1. Perfume lover, has written incense reviews, bought or smelled more than 50 bottles of perfume.

Application content:

2. Have a feeling for the camera, want to engage in live broadcast with goods related affairs;

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4. Please send the video and resume to the following email address: