A lot of things are meaningless at first.

A lot of things are meaningless at first.

But it'll be interesting.

it is indeed a long time no see.

in 17 years, I just transferred from the hotel industry to the advertising industry. I applied for a planning company and became a planning assistant with a monthly salary of 3500 yuan. Apart from renting a house and daily meals, there is hardly any extra money left.

its office is in the adjacent east tower. I forgot exactly how many floors it is. Just remember that the elevator is divided into floors, and each electronic card only corresponds to one floor, that is, you can't get to the 40th floor with an electronic card on the 38th floor.

as a planning assistant with a monthly salary of 3500 yuan, the most common idea at that time was not how to do the project well, but to ask myself:

later, a friend will ask whether that experience encouraged me or found the meaning of life and so on.


was posted in the office building

because several readers at the event asked the same question: "how do you find a work /life that you find meaningful?"

I tried to find some events in those past turning points to prove that I made multiple choice questions because I found some meaning.

instead, there are several "interesting" images popping up in my mind:

after 13 months of planning the company, I was able to plan a complete event independently and made an offline interactive exhibition with more than 50, 000 people.

offline activity booths are displayed

in fact, so far, I haven't found a meaningful work /life. I just keep doing what I think is "a little interesting".

I thought for a moment and asked, "then you like clutter. What's the point of coming to see our offline activities this time?"

I went on with what she said.

"but if you start to create or self-media because you read our article, or a segment of this activity touches you, you will probably find it meaningful to know clutter."

"and most of the" meaning "is added later."

my purpose in saying this is, of course, not to negate the correctness of "looking for meaning".

there is no need to be so hard on yourself. You have to come up with some meaning or install a beautiful value at the beginning of something in order to be called "consummation".

bridal inspired by gowns the victorian era is all you need to bring out your beauty and inspire charm. There are all lengths and styles in our collection.

several times, I saw a reader leave a message backstage saying, "you always think your life is meaningful, but your life is very confused."

because I know that writers, including myself, have some advantages in age or experience to show you some fragments of life earlier.

the fragments of the author's life fit together with the missing corner, and the resonance brought by strangers is so "interesting".

that's all.

it's a bit unfortunate that I can't see my destination clearly.

A good job and a good relationship are enough to make you feel "a little interesting".

good night.