635 people were diagnosed, Xi'an was closed! Read the hot search of them, only to understand the most real life of the Chinese people!

635 people were diagnosed, Xi'an was closed! Read the hot search of them, only to understand the most real life of the Chinese people!

May you keep your love and bravely go to the coming year.

time flies, and 2021 has entered the countdown. In the past few days, too many things have happened.

Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the epidemic hit.

as of the 26th, 635 nucleic acid positive persons were found in novel coronavirus's nucleic acid screening work, and the whole city began closed management.

but what is moving is that the city wall of Xi'an lights up "Xi'an refueling", and Xi'an multi-community residents shout "Xi'an refueling" to encourage each other.

We all firmly believe that the city of Xi'an will get better.

Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 occurred.

gather a heavy earthquake fire rescue team, 100 fire officers and fighters, 13 fire engines, and 1100 sets of fire rescue equipment to prepare for rescue.

at the same time, 8 fire rescue stations, 12 fire engines and 60 officers and men were sent out to patrol the streets to deal with the emergency caused by the earthquake.

put on fire suits, they are soldiers, in times of crisis, come forward.

this scene made many people cry: our greatest luck is that we are always best protected by the bravest people in this land.


looking back on this year, we have experienced too many pains and trials, but we are also harvesting warmth all the time.

Today, Uncle will take you to feel the warm moments of 2021 that made people's eyes filled with tears.


in January this year, an epidemic broke out in Dalian. A picture of "moving sculpture" shows that the average age of the 17 players is only 19, which means that many of the players are post-00s.

to do a good job in logistics support for the isolated students, they have been holding out for 17 days and nights.

behind a heroic city, countless people like them stick to it affectionately.

everyone is glowing hard, driving away the haze and illuminating the darkness.


on February 25, at the national summary and commendation meeting for poverty alleviation, Zhang Guimei was commended in a wheelchair.

later, she also explained in an interview that there was no way to sit in a wheelchair. I didn't want to be in a wheelchair because I was afraid that everyone would be worried, but I was really afraid that I would not be able to hold on and make a mistake.

as one graduate said to the reporter before leaving:

"in our village, many people of my age like me are married. If it hadn't been for Mr. Zhang, my child would have been three years old now. "

this is Zhang Guimei, a woman who can afford the word "great".


on May 23, in Changsha, Hunan, many citizens spontaneously came to Mingyangshan to bid farewell to Old Yuan.

the line stretched for several kilometers, and some of them didn't even hit their umbrellas. Tears were brushed down with Rain Water, just for the last moment of mourning.

many bouquets have words of mourning for Yuan Lao:

"there are no immortals in this world, and there is no need to build a temple. Because every wisp of smoke rises is a nostalgia floating from the world.

what is touching is that most of the people who spontaneously bid farewell to academician Yuan Longping are young people.

it is because of them that this society has hope.

in fact, the departure of some people is not death, but eternity. Salute Academician Yuan Longping, salute the true hero of this era.


"3, 2, 1, ignite!" On June 17, the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft was successfully launched!

in other words: we have a home in space.

this time, the three astronauts stayed in space for as long as three months and completed a series of experiments and successfully returned to Earth on September 17.

what is exciting is that on October 16, Shenzhou 13 will set out again and will stay for six months.

some people say: "now we are really lucky to catch up with the best space age of mankind."

as Chinese, we are even more fortunate to witness the magnificent scenes in China's space history.

pay tribute to the great Chinese aerospace industry!


on July 13, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference. Guo Gangtang, the prototype of the movie "lost Orphan", finally found his long-lost son Guo Xinzhen.

but he never thought of giving up, he said: only on the road, I am a father.

also, on December 6, Sun Haiyang, the prototype of the movie "Dear", met his son Sun Zhuo, and the crying lasted about 3 minutes during the live broadcast.

after 14 years of looking for a child, Sun Haiyang and his wife's wish has finally come true, and the reunion in reality is also the best ending of the movie.

Uncle hopes that one day, China's anti-abduction systemTong, more and more people know it, but fewer and fewer people use it.


on July 20, the once-in-a-thousand-year rainstorm brought a shocking disaster to Henan.

due to a heavy rain and power outage, several medical staff at a hospital in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, delivered the baby with standby lights on.

Dong Liuchen, a nurse who is mainly responsible for delivery, posted such a circle of friends at the end of the day:

there are too many people and things worth writing down in this rainstorm. Looking at all kinds of rescue news, mutual aid posts, popular science posts, refueling posts. It also shows us the tenacity and bravery in the bones and blood of the Chinese people.

there are also torrential rains in Shanxi in October, firefighters with all-out rescue, armed police fighting overnight, caring people who provide free food and accommodation, and netizens who swipe the screen to convey rescue messages.

the resolute face, the retrograde figure, and the simple and sincere mortal heart shimmer in times of crisis, building another "iron wall" for flood prevention and rescue.

after the torrential rain washed out the sparkling, divine part of human nature, like the street lights flashing in the rain, forming the road to hope, has also become the most difficult to forget memories this year.


"38 gold! 32 silver! 18 brass! " At this summer's Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation, with a total of 777 athletes, gave a perfect answer at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

14-year-old Quan Hong Chan demonstrated the "splash disappearance", winning the gold medal in the 10-meter platform with a near-perfect five jumps.

in the men's 100-meter semi-final, Su Bingtian advanced to the final with the first place in the group of 9.83 seconds, breaking the Asian record and creating a miracle in the history of Chinese track and field.

there are many athletes who show the brilliance of Chinese sports and attract the attention of the world.

I recall that 89 years ago, Liu Changchun alone represented China in the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

89 years later, at the Tokyo Olympic Games, we saw Chinese sports blossom and flourish in an all-round way.

We are no longer only gold medals, no matter what the results are, we are willing to praise and shout for the athletes.

this summer, Chinese athletes, well done!


after 1028 days and nights of waiting and expectation, on the evening of September 25, Meng Wanzhou, dressed in Chinese red, slowly got off the plane and finally set foot on the land of China.

she choked up in her speech and said, "where there is a five-star red flag, there is a beacon of faith." If faith has color, it must be Chinese red! "

this sentence is really very good, this is the Chinese people's blood and responsibility.

behind the whole incident, there are countless people's unremitting efforts.

but we have never given up on the pursuit of fairness and freedom, and at the same time, China will not give up rescuing any citizen, let alone bow to any power.

A strong motherland will always be our greatest reliance.


the warmest scene this winter came from a negotiation.

eight rounds of soul bargaining, National Healthcare Security Administration negotiator Zhang Jinni, with the most gentle tone to kill the most ruthless price.

in the end, the transaction price of each bottle of medicine was more than 20,000 yuan less than the original offer. This is a specific drug for the treatment of spinal muscular dystrophy, a rare disease.

Zhang Jinni also said: "I hope that enterprises will come up with more sincere offers, and every small group should not be given up."

also want to say to all patients with rare diseases: live well, many people are working hard for you.

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vaccination is not a panacea, but it is absolutely impossible without vaccination.

as of the 21st, COVID-19 has been vaccinated more than 2.7 billion times nationwide, which is a joint effort.

but the years are quiet, not only by the state's medical care, but by the conscious protection of every Chinese.

in the coming New Year's Day and Spring Festival, I hope everyone will wear masks, wash hands frequently, disinfect more, and get vaccinated in time. In the event of an epidemic, do not go out unless it is necessary, seriously isolate and abide by the regulations.

how we will live and what kind of environment we will face in the future depends on everyone's efforts and on the most ordinary you and me.

I hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible.


at the end: 2021, there are only a few days left.

this year, many people have had a very difficult time.

but as Roman Roland said: "there is only one kind of heroism in the world, which is to love life after seeing the truth of life."

We all have to believe that no matter how long the winter is, the flowers will bloom, even the faintest light symbolizes the dawn.

, may you keep your love and go bravely to the coming year.



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