2021 the most sober 10 sentences, suddenly enlightened after reading

2021 the most sober 10 sentences, suddenly enlightened after reading

To live sober is the brightest appearance of life.

famous writer Liang Xiaosheng said:

"Life is short, so life is like a dream. Life is like a dream, so you should be a little sober. "

Calendar turns back page by page, and days go forward day by day.

looking back on this year, did you stand still, or did you continue to make progress?

Today, an uncle has sorted out the 10 sober sentences for you in 2021, each of which is worth savoring.


excellent people are not loners

it's just that he is sociable without you

Tagore said: "Solitude is a person's carnival, carnival is a group of people's loneliness."

some people seem to be unsociable, but in fact their inner world is very rich.

birds of a feather flock together.

people who can't be friends with you are probably just trying to distance themselves from you.

it's not that he's not in your circle of friends, but that you don't belong to his circle of friends.

if you want to become better, you might as well give up the useless social interaction and improve your ability.

only when you break through yourself from time to time can you get out of the circle, break the circle, and enter a better circle.

"mediocre people follow the crowd, excellent people follow the heart."

Don't be afraid to be different from others. Walking on your own is the beginning of becoming good.


turn back if you hit the south wall

this road is blocked and another way

I often hear people complain about why I failed even though I worked very hard.

in fact, life requires not only hard work, but also dexterity.

those who are busy without goals are all blind; those who are persistent without brains are dull.

there is a good saying:

"try your best when you should, and let yourself go if you can't do it."

do what you are good at, and let others do what you are not good at.

Buffett, the god of stock, is a person who knows how to "borrow" people's strengths.

once he found that the second-hand car market was very promising, so he spent money on old machines.

find another master at repairing machines to renovate these machines and resell them.

before long, the money in his hands increased dozens of times.

Cao Xueqin said, "A good wind, with its strength, sent me to the blue sky."

people who are really successful will look for "shortcuts" and take advantage of them.


tired of life

because you stopped growing

Life is the same for everyone, including joys and sorrows.

Why can some people be happy all the time, while others always frown?

tired of life, because your vision is limited, stop self-growth.

the world is changing so fast that even the truth cannot always be right.

if you always solve all problems in one way, it will not work.

if you regard the troubles of life as a jar of salt, if you melt the salt in a bowl of water, it must taste bitter;

if you sprinkle it into the lake, you won't feel salty.

what people need to do is to enhance their cognition and enlarge the pattern. If the capacity of the heart is larger, there will be less trouble.

the field of vision is wider, not limited to the present, life is also more fresh, less boring repeated day after day.


only the past that can not go back

there is no tomorrow that can't be made.

Nietzsche said:

"in this world, there is no absolute peace of life, let alone absolute earthly stability."

Life is like playing on a swing, its ups and downs are interesting.

when you fall, don't worry.

when you get to the bottom, the rest of the road is up.

as a "golden supporting role" in Hong Kong's Chinese film industry, Wu Mengda became famous with the Legend of Chu Liuxiang.

after becoming famous, he began to indulge himself, began to squander money, was heavily in debt, was hidden by the company, and once wanted to commit suicide.

but he cheered up, restudied his acting skills, paid off his debts, and appeared on the screen again.

in 1991, he won the Best supporting Actor Award for "Love in Heaven".

the past cannot be changed, do not regret; the future is worth looking forward to, it is better to move forward.

in the low ebb, do not give up, accumulate strength, calm down, there will be a time to turn against the wind.


Happy people don't have everything

just know how to grasp the gifts of life

emotional writer Suhei said:

"Love is a process of looking inward."

Happiness is the same, as long as you are willing to look for it, you will find it.

Life does not lack happiness, but lacks the heart to experience it.

when you come home late, your lover will bring you a hot meal.

in my spare time, gossip with my parents and listen to interesting stories of the past.

under the light, read a book quietly, talk to yourself, and release your mood.

occasionally, make an appointment with three or five friends to travel or watch a movie.

A simple and ordinary day is happiness if you live it seriously.

but also beware of time, which always steals happiness that we ignore.

and those are precious things that we can't see under our noses.

Don't wait for loss to regret, don't wait for it to go.regret.

seize happiness in time and enjoy all the good things life has to offer.


No matter how big other people's eaves are

is not as good as having an umbrella.

Confucius said:

"the gentleman asks for himself, and the villain asks for others."

No matter how big the eaves of others are, they can finally avoid the wind and rain for a lifetime, and sometimes they have to bow their heads.

it is better to be strong than to pin your hopes on others.

the trials and tribulations given by life are also experiences for us.

just like a baby learning to walk, if you fall down and stand up, the next step will be more stable and farther.

people often say:

"it takes a good blacksmith to make good steel, and no matter how hot the fire in other people's house is, it is the warmth of the partition. Only by making a stove for yourself can you ward off the cold."

No one will help you if you don't work hard; if you're not strong, no one will really understand you.

between heaven and earth, we should stand upright and live with dignity.

May you not have to grovel under other people's eaves, hold an umbrella, be calm, walk in the rain and enjoy all the scenery you encounter.


the two most important things in one's life:

Reading and making money, the former makes people unconfused, the latter makes people unyielding

Mr. Lin Yutang said it very well:

"when you read, you can get rid of disdain, gain new knowledge, increase knowledge, see widely, and nourish the spirit."

people are often confused and at a loss is that they have little knowledge and little knowledge.

and reading is a shortcut to understand the world, learn the wisdom of our predecessors, and enrich our brains.

the answers to the problems of life can be found in books.

if you know more, you will be less confused.

it may be hard to make money, but it must be painful to have no money.

"if you have money, you have courage. If you don't have money, don't talk about backbone."

especially when people reach middle age, they even need to earn money to support their families. This is their duty and obligation.

people live without money, and only those who know how to make money and save money can live a sober life.

to make money, to survive; to study, to live a better life.

make money and study together, life is getting better and better.


expect others to give sense of security

is the most unsafe thing

Life is yours, and life is yours.

always thinking about getting someone else to give you sense of security, but you can't feel at ease.

the state of mind of worrying about gain and loss is the source of inner unease.

instead of wrapping yourself tightly, adjust your mindset and face life.

you believe that there is a world of truth, goodness and beauty; if you do not believe it, it is not safe to go anywhere.

the TV series "I'm fine in my hometown" says:

"sense of security should be a kind of belief.

this believes that even if it comes from the kindness of a stranger;

believe that you are irreplaceable in that person's heart;

believe that you have the ability to withstand any storm;

in the final analysis, only you can give yourself the so-called sense of security. "

only if you have peace of mind, you are not afraid of losing.

sense of security can only be obtained by relieving the sense of crisis.


We will never live the way everyone likes

but you can become what you like

people always wander between gain and loss all their lives.

some people are destined to be passers-by of life, and it is useless to retain them.

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A relationship that is barely maintained by flattery has no other use but to tire your heart.

those who love you do not need you to please, and those who do not love you are useless.

instead of trying to please others, be yourself proudly.

Don't waste your energy on someone who isn't worth it, always go back and cherish the one who loves you.

there is a good saying:

"I don't care about people who don't care about me."

Life is short, don't wronge yourself, don't please others, don't live too tired.


looking at life with a magnifying glass, life is a tragedy;

and look at life through binoculars, life is a comedy

"people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing."

No one's life is perfect, and everyone has his own troubles.

the pursuit of perfection and nitpicking will only add to your annoyance and drain your energy in the end.

Science fiction writer Asimov said:

"I'm not a perfectionist, and when I look back at my books, I don't feel sorry or worried at all."

Life will change only when the state of mind changes.

if you are picky, life is full of flaws; if you appreciate it, life is full of beauty.

everything is open and light, big and big, and laugh it off.

Don't try to be perfect in everything, but try your best to make life better.

Life is like a play, joys and sorrows are more interesting.

Nineteen Ancient Poems says:

"Life between heaven and earth is suddenly like a traveler from afar."

since we are earthly guests, it is better to travel unrestrained.

Life confuses you because you are so caught up in it that you can't help it.

you might as well learn, clear your way of thinking and recognize the reality.

"to live sober is the brightest appearance of life."

from now on, look at life, put aside useless worries, let go of being picky, keep an optimistic attitude, and live a happy or sad life.

, may you all live a sober and happy life after understanding these truths in the new year.